4 ingredients that boost collagen production in skin

Plump and smooth with these powerful products

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / January 10 2017

By the time you’re 30, fine lines and wrinkles can begin to appear, and one of the biggest culprits is the depletion of collagen underneath the surface of your skin. Sadly, there’s no quick fix or one solution to this problem, however eating a balanced diet to encourage healthy cell turnover and using products that stimulate collagen levels can help you achieve smoother, plump skin. Here are some collagen-boosting ingredients to look out for…


Retinol is one of the most popular anti-ageing ingredients on the market as it works to plump skin, boost collagen and encourage new cells to procreate, and you’ll find it inside Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel. It may sound like an exfoliation product that you use in the shower, but the clever two-in-one formula is meant to be applied at night after cleansing and your serum to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. 

Vitamin B3

Niacinamide, or more commonly known as vitamin B3, is another efficacious ingredient that can boost collagen production to improve the overall appearance of skin. With asap super B complex, you’ll find this ingredient along with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and antioxidants to fight free radical damage.


Unlike the metal, copper tripeptide is a naturally-occurring substance found in human plasma that starts to deteriorate as early as your teenage years, resulting in the slowing down of processes like collagen production, wound healing, immune function and collagen synthesis. Niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% works to improve these functions, along with hyaluronic acid to help with carrying water molecules deeper into the skin.

Glycolic acid

The power of glycolic acid lies in its ability to hydrate, exfoliate, fade pigmentation and stimulate collagen production all at once. endota spa AHA Transformation Peel 14-Day Treatments are daily two-part exfoliating peels to refine skin over two weeks. Step one features ingredients to brighten and retexturise the surface and step two works to calm, balance and stimulate the skin.

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