Britney Spears just covered her whole body in tattoos

“I guess I’m demanding attention"

July 29 2020

As a quick scroll through Britney Spears’ Instagram feed will attest, she’s not opposed to showing off skin: there’s footage of her working out in a sports bra (dem abs 😍), dancing in booty shorts (can move) and even enjoying a bath (much intimate, very zen.) But today, the 38-year-old gave fans a little more to love with a bikini shot showing off her (temporary) tattoos.

"So I got carried away with henna !!!!” she explained in the caption. “I think I’m going for a bohemian look in the second picture …. not sure what my hands on my hips are about 😂😜🤣!!! I guess I’m demanding attention 🙄🙄🙄 !!!!"

In the post, you can see white henna tattoos covering Brit’s whole body. The pattern is super intricate and starts around her neck, extending all the way down to her thighs. She also included a second photo of herself sans any ink, wearing a boho-style top, khaki bottoms and a 90’s shell necklace.

While some of her followers love the art, heaps had mixed feelings. One commented, "it’s glue and white paint or stick-on transfers” which sparked a whole debate about who helped her out and what she used exactly.

Regardless, it’s clear the singer has been working hard to stay fit since lockdown started. She’s been hitting up her home-gym with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, with the pair sharing their boxing, yoga and plyometric moves on the reg.

“Grateful to have @samasghari to stay in shape with 💪 !!!!!” she captioned a recent post. “So proud of him having a fitness program to keep people in shape while they stay home 💪🌸🌹 couples that workout together stay together 😉 !!!!!”

Main image: Getty

How have you been keeping fit in isolation?