The face masks your favourite celebrities swear by

Give them a try, why don't you?

November 01 2023

If there’s one benefit to our new #stayathome lifestyle, it’s the unique opportunity we’ve been presented with that allows us to indulge in DIY skin care goodness at any and all times of the day. Yes, that means finally being able to follow the 27-step routine your dermatologist prescribed.

And while fitting in that essential double-cleanse every day is an added bonus, there’s nothing that makes us feel fresher as we type away at our desks than a great face mask.

But with hundreds of complexion-perfecting options on the market, targeting every skin concern from hydration to breakouts and pigmentation, it can be difficult to know which treatment to choose. So, we figured, why not look to our favourite celebrities for some guidance? 

From 24K-gold masks and hydrogel sheets to natural honey variants that (according to Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz) taste just as good as they feel, we’ve rounded up the face masks that have been given the Hollywood tick of approval...

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is certainly someone who is not afraid to get candid when dishing out beauty advice on the internet and it turns out she also happens to be a fan of the Insta-famous GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Treatment. The firming and tightening mask is known for its luminescent silver finish, but it also delivers in the results department, tightening skin while also working to even out and brighten tone.


Lili Reinhart

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart has been pretty open about her struggles with cystic acne in the past, so you know when she recommends a product, she definitely means it. Reinhart is a regular visitor of celebrity facialist Renée Rouleau, but when she can’t make it to the salon, she likes to keep her skin looking clear by using Rouleau’s Rapid Response Detox Masque when she’s experiencing a particularly nasty bout of cystic acne.


Olivia Culpo

Culpo's latest favourite formula? GlamGlow's GravityMud Firming Treatment (yep, the very same one Chrissy Teigen is a fan of). "I feel like the opening scene of American Psycho, where he’s pulling off the mask," Culpo joked in a recent marie claire video, proving once again that there are few things in life more satisfying than the peel-off process.

It's not all about aesthetics, either, though: "This mask creates this iridescence. I am about it," she shared of its benefits. FYI, the licorice, marshmallow leaf and witch hazel formula takes care of tightening and toning, too; pretty impressive.

YouTube/Marie Claire U.S.

Gigi Hadid

Hadid is evidently keen to keep her pregnancy glow going strong, turning to radiance-reviving topical treatments now that daughter Khai has arrived. Her latest face mask fave? The brightening and calming Double Take hydrogel sheet from Loops Beauty, which uses the aloe vera and sunflower seed oil-powered serum inside to control sebum, refine pores, soothe skin and boost brightness. It's technically billed by the brand as the mask to apply "before big events for a major glow", but hey, before bed works as well.


Camila Mendes

Mendes may not always have the time for a self-care sesh (anyone who follows her on social media knows late night shoots are the norm on Riverdale), but when she does, she relies on a purifying mask to sort her skin out. Her favourite formula? One designed to calm and clear hormonal blemishes and bumps without setting sensitivity off.

"If I'm not coming home too late and have a little time before bed, I'll hop in the bath and do some masks in there while I can," she told Allure. "I'll put on Renée Rouleau's Rapid Response Detox Masque and have it on for 15 minutes."


Adwoa Aboah

Aboah definitely doesn’t mind a good face mask; in fact, she favours quite a few. “[My masking routine] is pretty rigorous but it changes all the time,” she shared with British Vogue. “There’s a mask that I use from Sisley that you can sleep in. Sometimes I do a sheet mask – either from Loops or 111 Skin. There’s a really good CBD face mask that I sleep in sometimes, and then a really good LED light mask, like The Light Salon’s.”


Kaia Gerber

When it comes to flawless skin, model Kaia Gerber has it in the bag. Her plump, fresh and vibrant skin is enviable to say the least, and now we know why. Gerber is a huge fan of this ultra-luxe 24K-gold facial by celebrity aesthetician Mimi Luzon. The mask helps visibly reduce the signs of ageing, by tightening, smoothing and brightening the skin. If you’re ready to give it a shot, you can score the model-approved gold mask from Net-A-Porter.


Sofia Richie

Okay, we know it looks like she's just applied slices of cheese to her skin, but we promise it's a proper mask, and a good one at that. In fact, this brightening bad boy comes courtesy of Loops Beauty, a mask line loved by Richie, Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Ratajkowski – talk about a star-studded following. Richie's fave also happens to be ours; it harnesses the de-puffing power of pumpkin extract, while also using baobab oil for a little glow-boosting action to leave skin smooth, soothed and downright dewy.


Kourtney Kardashian

Ever noticed that the eldest member of the Kardashian clan rarely has any under-eye bags? Yeah, us too. Turns out it's because before a big night out or event, Kourtney Kardashian puts her favourite gel eye patches – the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – in the fridge to get them icy cool, before applying them at least five minutes before she starts her makeup. It's one hell of a de-puffing trick.

She has a few faves in the face mask department, too. In fact, Kardashian relies on a couple of clarifying formulas to keep her skin feeling fresh and clean: the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask (a 10-minute pink clay treatment designed to detoxify skin and draw out impurities) and Dr. Barbara Sturm's Clarifying Mask (a mattifying kaolin clay, zinc and sunflower oil blend that leaves her face balanced and blemish-free).


Devon Windsor

Honestly, if Windsor ever decides to teach a masterclass on self-care sessions, we're in – she seems to have it down. The purifying clay formula she's sampling here? Generation Clay's cult-favourite pink purifying mask, which despite its usual sold-out-status is currently in stock... go, go, go!


Lucy Hale

Yes, we know it's hard to take your eyes off Hale's outrageously cute pup Elvis, but we guarantee her 111Skin rose gold sheet mask is worth a squizz, too. Not only does it look phenomenal in selfies (we're big fans of a metallic mask moment), but it also works wonders in the soothing, hydrating and brightening arenas thanks to its nourishing 24 karat gold, rosa damascus extract and silk amino acid trio.


Dove Cameron

Wondering how Cameron gets her face looking so luminous? Or determined to put your finger on how you can even tell it feels soft just by looking at a picture? It turns out her masking secret is none other than an Aussie favourite: Kora Organics' Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask, a tone and texture-refining formula bound to leave skin bright and silky. "u kno i love u @mirandakerr @koraorganics," Cameron captioned a recent Instagram Story of herself in full masking mode.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez knows her way around makeup; heck the woman has her own beauty brand ‘Rare Beauty’ for crying out loud. But it turns out the pop star also has a wealth of skin care knowledge at her disposal, and now she’s passing on the good word to us (AKA the peasantry). Gomez recently shared a ‘get ready with me’ tutorial with VOGUE and it turns out she relies on a rather inexpensive set of eye masks that her eight-year-old sister recommended. “She’s more of the beauty guru now,” explained Gomez as she applied the “Sephora [Collection] cucumber eye mask ($6 at Sephora)” to her under eyes to help “get rid of any inflammation.” Apparently Gomez-junior has about 18 pairs of the cucumber-infused masks and we intend on following suit TBH.


Nina Dobrev

Floored as to how Dobrev still looks just as youthful as she did on The Vampire Diaries a whole decade (and change) later? Well, meet one of her secret weapons; the Knesko Skin Black Pearl Detox Collagen Face Mask ($108.51 at Ebay), a treatment that helps to draw out toxins while also plumping, hydrating and smoothing the skin. Quite the combo, huh?


Florence Pugh

There aren't many people who could convince us that adding a $200 7-pack of face masks to cart is a brilliant beyond brilliant idea, but Pugh is certainly one of them; we trust her through and through. Why? Because she's transparent (and shares everything from bad hair days to sassy snaps such as the below). So, if she's coined the Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask Sachet Box ($202 at Beautylish) as "the best DIY sachet facial" we'll take her (and her glowy skin's) word for it.


Main image credit: @sofiarichie

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