Queen Charlotte star India Amarteifio shares her holistic wellness routine

No wonder she looks like a queen

Content Producer / September 01 2023

India Amarteifio's wellness routine

The actress introduced her routine with the caption, “Here are six things which have been keeping me in tip-top shape recently. Mind, body and soul.”

She also clarified, “Not sponsored and I’m definitely not a scientist, but just some affordable (if not free) things that may help you also.”


A good wellness routine can’t start without a good old ‘hot girl walk’!

The 21-year-old swears by walking for mental clarity.

She wrote that it “increases immune diversity” and “enhances the releases of natural endorphins”. 

Mindfulness activities

Three of Amarteifio’s tips can be incorporated into the category of ‘mindfulness’.

From her personal experience, she recommends “spending time with family and friends”, reading and enjoying live music.

Stuck on what to read? Her current book suggestions include The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters, A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne, and Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid.

Gut health

Amarteifio shared a snap of the probiotics she takes on a daily basis with the caption, “Each one does something slightly different but these are a great start!”

While her choice of Optibac is unavailable in Australia, alternatives are easy to access.

$31.99 at Chemist Warehouse


“For the last two to three months, 2-3 times a week [my personal trainers] have been running me into the ground but in the most rewarding and beneficial way,” Amarteifio said in her stories.

She currently trains with celebrity trainer Aimee Victoria Long and her husband Josh Davies at OMNI Wellness.

“I have hopefully gained some physical strength but also [my trainers] have highlighted how important your mental well-being is to your overall health, which I think has been incredibly valuable.”

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