3 key skin care benefits you can expect when using ceramides

Dry skin doesn't stand a chance

June 29 2021

Skin care buzzwords tend to come and go, but one that seems to be sticking around for good is 'ceramides'.

Ceramides are lipids (AKA fat molecules) found in the uppermost layers of the skin. Making up 50 per cent of the skin's composition, consider them the mortar between the bricks that are our skin cells – they hold everything together.

According to Dr. Michelle Rodrigues, dermatologist and Director of Chroma Dermatology, Pigment and Skin of Colour Centre, they "help to optimise the barrier function of the skin and lock moisture into the skin too.”

So how can you tell a ceramide-infused skin care product from a regular ol' skin care product? Well, the word 'ceramide' will usually be listed as an ingredient on the label, alongside a number to indicate what type of ceramide it is.

For example, CeraVe Moisturising Cream contains three types of ceramides: Ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II.

To see exactly how ceramides benefit the skin, our Super Crew took the moisturiser for a test-drive. Watch the video above for their verdict or read about the benefits they discovered below.

The skin care benefits of ceramides


Long-lasting hydration: "Unfortunately I have a bad habit in winter of sitting too close to the heater for warmth and as a result, the skin on my calves is considerably dry. I've used quite a few moisturisers on them in the PM, only to wake up in the morning with the skin looking dried out again. Happy to say the CeraVe moisturising cream not only maintained the moisture levels overnight, my legs were considerably smoother and soothed any irritation from shaving." - Minnie I.

Soothing for skin irritation: "I have extremely sensitive eczema-prone skin and currently I’m in the middle of an episode! With CeraVe, I don’t scratch as my skin is less irritated, deeply hydrated and comfortable. The texture is also not heavy on the skin or greasy and doesn’t have irritating scents or products in there to further anger my already angry skin. It’s also approved by the American National Eczema Association." - Janelle B

Strengthens the skin barrier: "This cream is just packed with all the good stuff to strengthen and maintain the skin's barrier. Despite having oily skin, this didn't feel greasy at all and my skin just feels hydrated and moisturised all day. It could be a standalone product, as it contains the most hydrating and nourishing ingredients – such as ceramides (1 ,3 and 6-11), and hyaluronic acid – that's how moisturising and protective it is with my skin." - Guianna Mei P


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