These are the top 10 best-selling Charlotte Tilbury products in Australia

Her Magic Cream lives up to its name

September 21 2021

Charlotte Tilbury is somewhat of a beauty industry legend. Long before she made her way into our bathroom cabinets, Tilbury was a highly-regarded celebrity makeup artist, working her magic on Hollywood's cool-girl crowd, from Kate Moss to Poppy Delevingne and Sienna Miller.

And while we can't necessarily purchase their wildly beautiful faces (that would be weird), we can shop the products that grace them to make them look their very best. In fact, it's about to become ten trillion times easier to get your hands on said products in Australia.

In addition to her OG site shipping down under, the brand is also launching into Aussie beauty giant MECCA, and if we're honest we feel a giant celebratory haul coming on.

So, to ensure we're well-prepared to shop (and able to keep level heads once we're lost in a sea of rose gold temptation), we're turning to Tilbury herself for a little intel around the best-selling buys to prioritise...

1. Magic Cream

"My miracle-working Magic Cream ($125 at MECCA) is my everyday go-to, I couldn't be without it," Tilbury shares. It's as multi-talented as it is magical, too: "I use it to prep my skin, it contains hyaluronic acid, Bionymph Peptides and SPF 15, so it floods the skin with moisture and protects the complexion all day." FYI, it's also Olivia Culpo's favourite moisturiser, and if her skin isn't the work of magicians we don't know what is...

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

2. Wonderglow Face Primer

Need a prep step that works like a pre-foundation filter? "[The] Wonderglow [Illuminating Primer] ($76 at MECCA) is the secret to that healthy, happy glow. I call it my Gisele-in-a-jar!" says Tilbury. "It has this incredible, revolutionary technology called Fluorescent Core that redirects the natural to more flattering angles of your face. It soft focuses pores and lines to give a dewy, youthful radiance and makes everyone's skin look lit-from-within."

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer

3. Filmstar Bronze & Glow

"This is a secret that silver screen sirens have kept to themselves for years: Re-sculpt your facial framework through clever tricks, shading and highlighting," Tilbury explains of the technique behind her Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette ($97 at MECCA). "Makeup is all about light—play with and cheat the light to re-sculpt and re-define your face. I.e. slim, trim, sculpt, highlight and lift. Morph your facial framework — like silver screen siren Marlene Dietrich, and Jennifer Lopez — to cheat a virtual face lift." Word on the street is that the Hadid sisters have always been big fans of this palette, too; we'd say their sculpted faces are a pretty ringing endorsement.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

4. Full Fat Lashes Mascara

"I'm a total mascara obsessive. I spent years searching for 'The One' and used to cocktail up to five mascaras to create the effect I desired: curl, length, volume, separation and drama," she says. "I created my genius Full Fat Lashes mascara ($45 at MECCA) as it ticks all the boxes and has a five-grooved brush to deposit mascara right at the root of the lashes. Use lashings and lashings of it for a bambi-eyed effect!" Bambi eyes? We'll take 'em.

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara

5. Magic Foundation

"[The Magic Foundation] ($65 at Charlotte Tilbury) is the perfect demi-matte makeup that literally gives you flawless, HD camera-ready skin in seconds. The demi-matte finish is important as it minimises shine in the right places, mattifying the t-zone and giving your cheeks a healthy, youth-boosted glow," Tilbury shares. "Five years in the making, its revolutionary ingredients are what make it so genius! It has mushroom extract that tightens pores, super-charged vitamin C to reduce sebum production and brighten skin, as well as hyaluronic filling spheres that plump out fine lines." Any foundation that plumps as it perfects is a winner in our book.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Flawless Long-Lasting Coverage SPF15

6. Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk

Ever heard of Pillow Talk? Ah yes, we thought you might've. Well, the lippy may be the cult-classic but its liner pal is just as great. In fact, as true Tilbury fans will know, it actually came first. "Lip liner is my backstage secret weapon as it can completely re-build the lip shape and size without the collagen injections," says Tilbury. "The key is to always match your lip liner shade to your lipstick for the most flawless illusion of volume and size." Considering we wear Pillow Talk lipstick extremely often, the Lip Cheat liner in Pillow Talk ($35 at MECCA) seems like a dynamite buy.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk

7. Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk

Now for the cult-classic itself. "Lipstick is a must! I call it happiness in a tube! Lipstick boosts your confidence, brightens your complexion and adds instant glamour to any outfit! My Pillow Talk lipstick ($49 at MECCA), born from my iconic Lip Cheat Lip Liner, is every woman's secret weapon for a naturally pillow-y pout! It mimics and enhances the natural hue of the lips, so you can cheat a perfect pout in seconds," she explains.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk

8. Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of No Shame

"Darlings, lipstick empowers confidence! My Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of No Shame ($49 at MECCA) features a revolutionary angled square tip and are enriched with Lipstick Tree and Orchid extracts for perfect application every time," Tilbury explains. "This berry rose tinted shade is inspired by the timeless beauties of Christina Hendricks and Margot Robbie." Speaking of timeless beauties, it's worth noting that Walk of No Shame is one of the two shades Miranda Kerr mixed to create the custom colour she wore on her wedding day.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of No Shame

9. Airbrush Flawless Finish Micro-Powder

Whether you're a powder fanatic or live in fear of the stuff out of concern you'll look, well, powdery, this one is a game-changer in the setting department. "As a makeup artist, I've always been wary of talc-heavy powders that create a 'cakey-skin' finish that makes women look old before their time," Tilbury confirms. "I've created not a powder, but a micro-powder that is like the most finely-milled, highest thread-count cashmere. Air Brush Flawless Finish ($69 at MECCA) doesn't sit in lines but optically blurs them away, whilst giving the skin an ultra-luxe luminosity for a high definition result."

Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish Micro-Powder

10. Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

And hey, why not prep for your flawless face of makeup with a sheet mask? Did we mention it actually goes on dry? Intriguing, no? "My Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask ($35 at Charlotte Tilbury) gives you the best complexion. I call it the mask of the future, it is literally bursting with genius ingredients including vitamin B3, crocus bulb extract, peptides, oils and butters — which penetrate deep into the skin using a unique bio-mimetic vector delivery system, feeding the complexion where it needs it most and giving you a brighter, hydrated and youthful finish," she says. We believe it; Tilbury's stuff has never let us down before.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

Main image credit: @ctilburymakeup

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