Cheese-themed nail art just happened

Cheese Nail Art Just Happened

Food enthusiasts, this one's for you

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / January 30 2020

The last few months have seen culinary-inspired hair shades trending with delectable-sounding colours like ‘cold brew,’ ‘chocolate cake,’ and ‘mushroom blonde’ taking centre stage. Now, it seems the food craze is set to dominate the nail world too…

Presenting, cheese-themed manicures!

The adorable trend was created by Korean nail artist and owner of Unistella Nails in Korea, Park Eunkyung, and features a clear nail base hand-painted with bright yellow nail art designed to look like miniature nail bed-sized cheeses. We spoke to Park to get the full lowdown on the look.

"Since it’s the year of white mouse, Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry came into my mind. I tried Mickey Mouse shaped french nails in January already, so I wanted to do something else for the Lunar New Year and came across the image of Jerry stealing cheese from Tom. So I decided to move those cheese pieces onto my nails," says Park.

Park explains how the look was created:

"I used gel, but it’s really important to give it that 3D look, which takes a number of thin layers of gel. I sketched up the shape on my nails first and then filled it up layer by layer after each cure. It’s also important to shape it well so it looks pointy on the edges. I think it would be cool to try this design on different nail shapes, not just round or square. Unique nail shapes will definitely bring so much more uniqueness to your nails, so everyone should try exploring."

We think it looks positively good enough to eat! 

Has anyone else suddenly been hit with a craving for cheese? If you need us, we’ll be over here making ourselves some toasties.

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What do you think of the cheese nail art trend? Would you try it yourself? Let us know in the comments.

Main image credit: @nail_unistella

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