The cherry mocha nail trend is viral and A-list approved

The moody-hued manicure you need to try

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 13 2023

The cherry mocha nail trend has officially reached viral status. 

The #cherrymochanails hashtag has 5.7 million views on TikTok and celebrity nail artists Betina Goldstein and Zola Ganzorigt have both tried the trend on their A-list clientele (Zoë Kravitz and Adele respectively).

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

What are cherry mocha nails?

The cherry mocha nail trend marries together the deep rouge of a summertime cherry red with the rich, chocolate brown of a warming mocha. And if it looks familiar — that’s because it is. 

The classically moody-hued polish is best represented by one of Chanel’s most vampy nail colours — Le Vernis Rouge Noir. The blackish-red nail polish shade officially launched in 1994 at Paris Fashion Week and is Chanel’s best-selling cosmetic launch to date. 

In the same year, Uma Thurman wore the nail polish shade whilst filming Pulp Fiction, as did Madonna in the music video for her single ‘Take A Bow’. 

How to nail the cherry mocha manicure

As far as manicures go, the cherry mocha nail trend is very easy to achieve from the comfort of your own home. 

All you need is the right nail polish shade and a steady hand to get the job done. 

The obvious choice is a few coats of Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir ($45 at Chanel). 

But the Essie Wicked Nail Polish ($15.99 at MYER) is a convincing dupe at a mere fraction of the price. 

And if gel nail polish is more your thing, DND Duo Gel Polish in ‘750 Fudgsicle’ ($13.95 at Best Nail Supply) is the closest shade match you’re going to find in the category. 

DND Duo Gel Polish 750 Fudgsicle

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Rouge Noir

Essie Wicked Nail Polish

If you’re up to the challenge, the cherry mocha aura manicure is the next obvious choice. 

All you’ll need is a nail sponge and two cherry mocha nail shades — one slightly lighter than the other. 

Using the lighter shade of cherry mocha, paint a circle half the width of your nail bed onto the nail sponge. Then, using the darker nail polish, paint a circle around the perimeter of the first circle. 

Stamp the sponge onto your nail before the polish dries and seal the ombre, aura glow design with a few coats of a high-shine top coat nail polish. 

Pro-tip: Wear a cuticle guard or a peel-off latex cuticle barrier to stop the nail polish from sticking to your skin during the stamping process. Alternatively, you can always remove leftover lacquer with a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover. 

Image credit: @betina_goldstein

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