Chloe Morello just announced her pregnancy, and we're not crying, you're crying

She spilled the news in the most iconic way possible

Digital Beauty Editor / January 25 2021

Damn, we thought Chloe Morello getting bangs was a big deal. Her latest announcement, though, has really knocked that out of the top spot. Drum roll please… she’s pregnant.

And being the Australian YouTube beauty icon she is, Morello announced it in a way that only she could: in a video with her husband Seba Paez using makeup to write "I'm pregnant" on her face. Iconic.



The initial Instagram post was a photo dump of a few things: a sweet video of the parents-to-be dancing and showing off Morello's growing belly, a sonogram, and a few progress shots, but she shared more info with followers via a YouTube video.

"We're having a baby!”, Morello excitedly shared in the clip, revealing that she's about to hit the 21 week mark. "We found out in October, and I was really relieved that it was like a week after I'd given up alcohol. I went to go on a no alcohol for October thing, [and] I was ahead of myself there. I must have known it in my heart and soul that I had a baby,” she explained.

“Then we found out that I was pregnant, and we were very excited. We told our families straight away after two or three pregnancy tests because I just didn’t believe them. So that’s our news, and we’re very excited, very happy.”




"We don't know what it's gonna be, we're not gonna find out until the baby's born, which is what [Chloe] wants, and I respect that. We already have a few names, but we're not one hundred per cent sure,” Paez told viewers. "Yeah, we're still fighting about that," added Morello.

As for her pregnancy experience so far, she said she’s feeling pretty normal. "I have not had any real symptoms, I haven't really had any cravings that I've noticed, [and] I wasn't sick. I really wouldn't know I was pregnant if I hadn't taken a pregnancy test.”


Still thinking about that unforgettable announcement makeup look? Us too. "Explain your artwork so that people understand if they haven't learnt the birds and the bees," Morello encouraged, encouraging Paez to break down the method behind his masterpiece: "I didn't want to make it too obvious, but I tried to draw an ovary," he laughed.

Morello’s response? "This is how we are, this is our announcement.” Never change, guys...

Main image credit: @chloemorello

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