Chris Pratt shares his unexpected makeup technique

We knew we loved him for a reason

Beauty Crew Contributor / August 28 2020

First there was David Beckham, and now Chris Pratt is in the spotlight for applying makeup. But its not the fact that he uses makeup (he is on a press tour his latest movie Passengers so he needs to put his best face forward on the red carpet), its his unique makeup application technique that caught our attention.

Chris shared a video on his Instagram account of himself and his hairstylist Bridget Brager hilariously applying his makeup. He captioned the video: When I got delirious on these press tours I like to do my own makeup by having @bridgetbragerhair hold the makeup sponge and I dance my face pretty. Thank you to @theweeknd for writing this song which if I tweak the lyrics a little bit allows me to pretend it's about #starlord #passengersmovie.”

While Chris’s technique of bumping his face into a stationary makeup sponge might not be the most effective way to apply foundation, it is definitely the most entertaining. We think he looks flawless no matter how he decides to apply his makeup!  

In case you missed it, see David Beckham’s sneaky love of the products in his wife’s beauty bag.

Image credit: Getty

Video credit: @prattprattpratt


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