David Beckham apparently steals his wife’s makeup

And that’s ok

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

Its not every day a guy admits to wearing makeup, but thanks to wife Victoria Beckham dobbing him in, it turns out David Beckham isnt afraid to borrow a product or two from his wifes makeup kit.

In a recent interview with Elle, Victoria was discussing her makeup collaboration with Estée Lauder when she let it slip that her husband loves to dabble with makeup, too: “David does steal my beauty products, it doesn’t annoy me. He looks so beautiful!” she said.

Although makeup is a common occurrence in the celebrity world, where men often partake in a light powder dust or concealer application for the camera, the Beckham’s candid revelation is leading the charge in the real world when it comes to normalising the idea that men can wear makeup if and when they feel like it.

Given the incredible (and natural-looking) things we women can achieve with makeup, like lit-from-within skin, brighter eyes and perfectly contoured cheekbones, why wouldnt guys want a piece of the action?! It may still take a little longer for it to become the norm, but with a guy like David Beckham leading the way, theres hope yet.

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