This colour-changing lip cream has been going viral on TikTok

Call it makeup magic

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 17 2022

Have you ever considered that you’re living in a world where temperature-sensitive, colour-changing lipstick exists?

Well, you are. So just revel in that knowledge for a damn second. 

The beauty-obsessed folks over at TikTok can’t stop talking about the Ciaté London Christine Quinn Colour Flip Lip Cream ($31 at MECCA) – and it’s not hard to see why. 

The innovative formula utilises patented technology that causes the lip colour to transform in the presence of cold or hot temperatures. 

Feel like a bright red lip by day and a vampy rouge vibe by night? Coat your smackers in a layer of the shade ‘Ca$h Fetish’ and apply a cool compress or ice to your lips to deepen the hue.

Or take your pick between a peachy or cool-toned nude with the shade ‘Drama Queen’.

Ciaté London Christine Quinn Colour Flip Lip Cream in ‘Ca$h Fetish’

Ciaté London Christine Quinn Colour Flip Lip Cream in ‘Drama Queen’'

Keen to see the Colour Flip Lip Cream in action? Check out these TikTokers first impressions…

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Main image credit: @thechristinequinn

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