The Review Crew® Report: Clinique 3-Step System

Find out how it fared on three different skin types

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

The Review Crew® panel

Beauty Crew sent a Clinique cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser to women aged between 18 and 34, each receiving the 3-Step System best suited to their skin type. 

What those with very dry to dry skin loved

How gentle the cleanser was: Those who trialled the Liquid Facial Soap Extra-Mild found the face wash incredibly effective in cleansing their skin without stripping it of natural oils and leaving it feeling tight. 

How mild the clarifying lotion was: The entire Review Crew® panel received the Clarifying Lotion 1.0, and testers with very dry and dry skin found the exfoliating formulation to be very mild and gentle on their skin, and even helped with dryness. 

How nourishing the moisturiser was: Testers commented that Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream worked wonders to nourish dry areas, leaving skin soft and smooth. They also commented that despite its ability to hydrate very dry skin, it felt light and absorbed quickly. 

The verdict

“I never expected a system could help fix many of my skin concerns, but my skin is looking absolutely amazing after using the Dramatically Different Moisturiser in conjunction with the Liquid Facial Soap and Clarifying Lotion. Overall this system has really shown me the importance of a good skin care routine tailored to my skin type, and will now be my nightly routine for many years to come.”
Review Crew® member

What those with dry combination skin loved

How effective the cleanser was: Review Crew® members trialling the Liquid Facial Soap Mild found it to be incredibly effective in cleansing the day’s dirt, impurities and makeup, leaving skin clean, fresh and soft, without feeling tight or dry. 

How mild the clarifying lotion was: Again, testers found the second step in their routine to be a gentle one, with reviewers commenting that it didn’t irritate their skin, even though it worked hard to remove any extra grime and left skin feeling soft. 

How quickly the moisturiser was absorbed: The Dramatically Different Moisturiser Lotion+ managed to cater to the dry elements of our testers’ skin without being too heavy on the areas that weren’t as dry. Reviewers mentioned that the moisturiser didn’t leave a greasy feel and absorbed quickly.

The verdict

“I apply this to my skin with a cotton ball after cleansing with the gentle cleanser and it's incredible how smooth it has left my skin feeling. It's super gentle on my skin as some exfoliants can be quite harsh. I've noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin, appearing smoother and just looks fresher! Love!”
Review Crew® Member

What those with oily skin loved

How the cleanser helped minimise shine: Testers using the Liquid Facial Soap Oily found it helped thoroughly cleanse skin, while helping keeping shine and excess oil at bay. 

How smooth the clarifying lotion left their skin: Review Crew® members with oily skin found that after consistent use, the clarifying lotion helped make a difference in their skin texture, leaving it smoother and softer. 

How non-greasy the moisturiser was: The greatest fear for oily skin types is that a moisturiser will feel heavy and exacerbate shine, but those who tried the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel found the formula helped balance skin and felt light, while providing great moisturising benefits to their oily skin. 

The verdict

“I love using this moisturising gel. It feels lovely and soothing on my skin and does not leave my skin oily. I found it really hydrating and I use it every morning and night.”
Review Crew® member

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