This clever new moisturising jelly does way more than just hydrate

Clinique Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

Here’s what our Review Crew® had to say about this hardworking moisturiser

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 15 2018

The product

The devastating toll pollution takes on the environment won’t be a newsflash to anyone reading this. And, in recent times, we’ve been hearing more and more about how pollution also impacts our skin – contributing to hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and congested pores.

When we think about our skin care regimens, many of us are reaching for products designed to brighten, plump, purify, refine, and so on... But how many of us are actually taking preventative steps to protect our skin from pollution?

Luckily, there’s an easy fix. Clinique’s latest product is designed to do just that. The Clinique Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly is a genius moisturiser with a jelly-like consistency that creates a barrier to block the harmful effects of pollution (it has been shown to make skin 87 per cent less vulnerable to skin-damaging pollution). But that’s not all: It also contains a blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber fruit extract to restore the skin’s moisture barrier, and provides 24 hours of hydration thanks to glycerine and hyaluronic acid.

Our panel of Review Crew® testers put this product to the test.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent the Clinique Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly to a panel of women aged between 18 and 34 who were looking for a moisturiser that not only hydrates, but also prevents dull and ageing skin, and of course, provides pollution protection.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about the Clinique Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly.

The lightweight jelly texture: Members commented on the unique jelly texture of the moisturiser and were amazed by how quickly and easily the formula absorbed. Reviewers loved how hydrating the moisturiser was without being sticky or greasy.

The multiple benefits it provided: Members of the Review Crew® were excited that the jelly provided so many benefits in one product. Members felt the jelly effectively provided a protective shield from pollution while also leaving their skin feeling soft and hydrated.

The gentle formula: The jelly is formulated to protect from pollution using Clinique’s Clean-Shield Technology™ and contains no parabens, phthalates or fragrance. Members of the review team who are prone to skin sensitivity issues were excited to report that the moisturiser delivered on its promise to not cause any redness or irritation.

The verdict


“I only have wonderful things to say about this hydrating jelly. It feels so light and lovely on my skin but somehow manages to do the work you would expect from using several products together. My skin is so much clearer and brighter, and my irritated, unpredictable winter skin is looking and feeling like it’s just been on a long summer holiday.”
Review Crew® Member
“As someone who has NEVER tried a Clinique product, this product really delivered. I found the texture intriguing but I found it completely absorbed into the skin - better than anything I have ever tried in my life! I love that there was no sticky residue as the product really absorbed fast. This product is perfect for those looking for a fuss-free routine and those in a hurry!”
Review Crew® Member
“This jelly moisturiser is hydrating, leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth. [It] absorbs really quickly, with a lightweight water consistency. I really enjoyed using this for my dry winter skin, it created a protective barrier on my skin from air pollution, especially during the day, and wears perfectly with makeup applied on top!”
Review Crew® Member

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The products for this Review Crew® trial have been provided by Clinique to Pacific Magazines’ BEAUTYcrew for the purpose of trial and review by BEAUTYcrew members.

*This average star rating is based on 44 reviews and is correct as of 6/8/2018

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