This new tool helps you figure out the best skin care for you

Clinique’s New Clinical Reality App Helps You Figure Out What Skin Care You Need To Use

It’s powered by 50 years of dermatologist expertise

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 09 2019

When it comes to skin care, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really fly – we all have different skin concerns and preferences so it’s important that we use products designed to fit these, especially if we’re serious about getting our best skin yet.

However, without a dermatologist to guide us, identifying what our skin concerns are, and working out which products should be used to address these, can be rather tricky.

So, Clinique came up with their new Clinical Reality™ tool to make it easier. It’s powered by 50 years of dermatologist-driven expertise and it analyses your skin to identify what skin care products you should be using to help you improve your skin.

How does the tool work?

Once you’ve uploaded your selfie, the Clinical Reality™ tool helps identify areas of concern and prompts you to answer some short questions about your skin, the products you’d consider adding to your regimen, and what texture you prefer in a moisturiser. Then it provides you with your own personalised skin care recommendation from the Clinique iD range.

The Clinique iD product allows you to create a customised serum-infused moisturiser that specifically meets your unique skin type and concerns. The Clinical Reality™ tool helps you choose one of the three Hydration Bases (depending on your texture preference and skin type) and then matches it with one of the Active Cartridge Concentrates.

The green cartridge features lactobacillus ferment to address irritated/delicate skin; the blue cartridge features AHAs to address pores and uneven skin texture; the white cartridge features Japanese angelica root extract to address uneven skin tone; the orange cartridge features taurine to address fatigued skin; and the purple cartridge features whey protein to address lines and wrinkles.

The Clinical Reality™ tool is free to use – you can access it via Clinique’s website or you can use it on the tablets provided at selected Clinique counters.

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Have you tried the Clinique Clinical Reality™ tool and Clinique iD yet? Let us know in the comments.

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