#ColourfulEyeBags: The TikTok trend that’s trading coverage for colour

Your go-to OTT eye look just got turned on its head

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / January 28 2021

For those of us genetically predisposed to eye bags, trying to find a way to subtly alleviate dark circles and optically allude hollowed out eyes can sometimes feel like a lifelong mission. And just when you think you’ve found something that works, there’s always that one passing comment on your tired eyes that will have you reeling back to square one trying to find an even stealthier solution. 

But one TikToker has thrown the proverbial playbook out the window when it comes to concealing her under eye bags, choosing instead to highlight the valleys under her peepers with a splay of out-there eyeshadow colours.

Pippa Barnes is the teen TikToker from the UK who created the rainbow under eye trend, with TikTok users quickly jumping on the body positive message with the hashtag #colourfuleyebags, surging views of the trend to a whopping 1.4 million.

From swirled rainbows and stars to dreamy blue watercolour options, Barnes’ makeup tutorials take you through how to create your own under eye-scape, as well as pushing a message about rethinking the way we look at our insecurities. As Barnes confesses in one video, “it’s so strange seeing something I’ve been insecure about my whole life become popular.”

Now, whilst we’re unsure as to whether this is the most office-friendly makeup we’ve ever seen, we definitely hope to see this trend come off our TikTok feeds and spill out into the streets and onto the faces of eye-bagged individuals. Because hey, if you can’t beat it, why not throw some colour on it.

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Main image credit: @pippambarnes

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