Gigi Hadid's makeup artist says the 'comb over brow' is the next big thing

See ya, sparse spots

Digital Beauty Editor / August 04 2020

Many colourful describing words come to mind when you picture a comb over, but ‘subtle’, ‘natural’ or ‘convincing’ are not usually among them. In the case of ‘comb over brows’, though, those aforementioned adjectives are actually all too fitting.

Because while the ‘take one strand and wrap it around your entire head’ technique isn’t necessarily a winner when it comes to hair, Gigi Hadid’s makeup artist Erin Parsons says the same approach can actually work wonders when it comes to filling in sparse spots in your brows.

Basically, yes, comb overs just got chic (we know, we never saw it coming either). Here’s Parson’s guide on how to master the method.

Who will comb over brows work for?

“If you have really unruly eyebrows, this is a great way to just really lock them in place, and if you have sparse eyebrows, [this technique allows you to] move the hairs around like a comb over and cover up any bald spots and just fill in that area [while still keeping the look] a little more natural,” Parson explains. “[This method just means] you can arrange [the hairs precisely] the way that you want. That’s the name of the game of the comb over eyebrow.”

What do comb over brows look like?

It offers a finish somewhat similar to a micro bladed brow look; it’s feathery but not fluffy, as the hairs lie flat to the face but the shape still appears full. “It’s a bit plastered down but you can still see hair strokes,” says Parsons.

The finished result

The starting point

What prep steps should we start with?

The whole ‘moisture is the enemy’ motto isn't one you hear often in the beauty game, but when it comes to locking your brows in for the long haul, excess oils are friend to nobody.

“I [actually] start my eyebrow [routine] with a little bit of [rubbing] alcohol and a Q-tip,” explains Parsons. “The reason I do that is that I always put my moisturiser or my skin care on and then I do my brows. I use the alcohol to wipe off any moisture so that when I glue them down with the brow gel they really stay, because if there’s any moisture there the hairs pop up [again].”

What will you need?

Considering it's more about the 'pushing' technique than anything, the comb over brow kit is pretty easy to assemble. All you'll need once your brows are clean is a spoolie, your favourite clear brow gel (preferably one that offers long-lasting hold), and a brow marker.

Nude by Nature Spoolie Brush

Napoleon Perdis Wand-Er Brow Clear To Go

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour

How do we do it?

“If you’ve ever seen an old man that has those three strands of hair trying to cover that bald spot, that’s basically what I do with the brow gel,” she laughs, explaining the gist of the method.

“Starting with a bit of gel, I push the brows in the direction that they grow, but then I also pull them over [toward the tail]. Then I take a spoolie and just continue to push those hairs into place. I don’t always push all the hairs straight up, [though], because then I have all these bald spots. I keep working in the gel and just press down each hair [with precision to lay them flat over any gaps]. [To finish], I use the [handle] part of the spoolie to really smash the hairs down.”

“[Once] it’s pretty plastered down, I’ll go in with a marker, and just [lightly] fill in the bald spots with hair-like strokes, just hair by hair. [Remember], you’re not overdoing the product; [you’re just adding] fine little details," she says of the final step.

And donezo, consider your brows combed over.

After 'combing over', before filling in

After filling in

Main and body image credits: @erinparsonsmakeup

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