Pro tips to shaping your brows yourself

Because your brows are an essential part to every makeup look

Beauty Crew Digital Content Director / February 08 2017

Blame it on Cara. Since the British bombshell burst onto the fashion scene in 2011, full brows have become an essential element in every make up look.

Here, brow expert Amy Jean reveals how to pluck your way to the perfect arch.


Assess your face shape

"It’s important to think about your eye and face shape before anything else,” insists Jean. If you have small features, enhance them with delicate arches. If your face, nose or eyes are larger, opt for stronger, well-defined brows.


Pluck below your brow

Working from the arch outwards, use a pair of slanted tweezers, like Sally Hansen Raise Some Brows Tweezers to remove hairs that fall below your brow. “The best time to pluck is after showering, when your skin is still soft,” advises Jean.

Pluck brows


Create the shape

Taking the corner of your nose as a starting point, trace three imaginary lines: one straight up (this is where the inner brow should end); another that crosses your pupil (this will be the arch’s highest point); and one that goes past the outer corner of your eye to establish where your brow should finish. Using these lines are guides pluck away stray hairs. Remember fullness is the key, so don’t over do it; you just want to create a defined shape.

Where to pluck


Fill in with a pencil

Apply short, feathery strokes using a pencil, such as Benefit Instant Brow Pencil, to areas that are bare or thinning. Or, for a softer look, choose a powder, like Amy Jean Brow Couture Brow Velvet, that’s one to two shades darker than your hair colour.

Fill in brows


Set with gel

Finish by running a clear gel upwards into the arch and then downwards to the tail for extra shape with added hold. We like Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel.

TOP TIP: Don’t toss out your old mascara wand. Wash it and keep it to brush brows into place. For extra hold, spritz with hairspray first.

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Illustrations by: Ann Do

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