How to shape your brows like a total pro

how to shape brows

Welcome to the start of your best brow life

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 21 2019

Whether you’ve got brows that rival Lucy Hale, or you have a more streamlined set like Kendall Jenner, there’s one thing everyone should be doing when it comes to their brows: shaping them. Because a little bit of brushing, filling and setting can go a long way, and can ultimately change your entire beauty look.

But where do you start? And what kind of products do you need? We’ve got you, girl. No matter what kind of brows you have – sparse, over-plucked, unruly or everything in between – we’ve pulled together some handy little steps to show you exactly how easy it is to shape your brows.

The toolkit

The good news? You don’t need a whole load of products to get good-looking brows. You’ll basically just need a spoolie brush, an eyebrow pencil (we used Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Eyebrow Pencil because it has a spoolie brush on one end, and a pencil on the other – thrifty, we know!), as well as a brow volumiser, like L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper, and a clear brow gel (we used Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hr Brow Setter Brow Gel). If you need a hand picking the perfect shade for your brow products, read our top tips!


Brush your brows

This may seem obvious, but brushing your brows will help them looking neat and tidy, while allowing you to get a better idea of what you’re working with. Using your spoolie, brush your brows upwards and out.


Map it out

Next, map where your brows should start, arch and end to help get the shape right. To do this, take your eyebrow pencil and hold it at the angle from the corner of your nose, through the inner corner of your eye – this is where your brow should start. For the arch, look straight ahead and hold the brush from the corner of the nose, up through the centre of your eye - this is where your brow should arch. For the end, hold the brush from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye – this is where your brow should end.


Fill them in

Using your eyebrow mapping as a guide, fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, using short, feathery strokes in the direction your hair is growing. Remember, you want to mimic these tiny hairs, so never use one single stripe! A brow pencil tends to give you the most control, but feel free to go for a powder or gel formula instead.


Up the volume

To create that natural-looking fullness and definition, build up the volume by applying a fibre gel to your brows.


Keep them in place

Set your brows in place by brushing through a clear brow gel in the direction of your hair growth.

The final look

And that’s how you shape your brows!

Wondering if you’ll ever be able to grow your brows after an over-plucking disaster? Check out our expert tips for growing out your eyebrows.

What’s one brow product you can’t live without? Let us know in the comment section below.

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