Lucy Hale has finally revealed the secret behind her famous brows

Lucy Hale Reveals The Secret To Her Perfect Brows

We’re sorry to say you’re not going to like the answer

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 04 2017

When we consider the number one celeb whose brows we admire and covet the most, we would have to give the crown to Lucy Hale. Lucy’s full and feathered brows are perhaps her most defining facial feature and have been the envy of ours for years. They are always on point and yet look like she doesn’t have to do a single thing to them.

And while we’ve already been given a rundown on how the actress’s brow artist Kelley Baker defines and fills out her arches on the daily, Lucy finally revealed on her Instagram the real secret behind her naturally bold look.

As it turns out, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree: her strong brows are all thanks to her dad. One quick look at the selfie of Lucy sightseeing in Canada with her father is all the proof we need that her signature arches are due to the workings of some seriously good genes.

While we’re highly aware that our tendency to over-pluck our brows in our teenage years is one of the main reasons we don’t have brows that rival Lucy’s, we’re going to apply her situation to our own lives and start blaming our genetics. That’s fair right?

Looking to up your brow game even if you aren’t blessed with Lucy’s genes? Then check out the dos and don’ts of DIY brow maintenance and discover the brow-filling mistake you never knew you were making.

Who is your celebrity brow icon? Let us know in the comments below.

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