Lucy Hale shares her 3 failproof makeup hacks

Take note, these are real winners!

Contributor / May 25 2017

It’s hard not to love Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale. She’s one of the most covetable young actresses in Hollywood, and she’s created a huge social media following with her entertaining and totally candid Instagram account (which boasts a whopping 15 million followers). And she is always inspiring us with unexpected hairstyles, insanely gorgeous makeup looks and brow goals every day.  

As if we needed another reason to love her, turns out she’s also an absolute whiz in the beauty department. The 27-year-old shared her very own failproof beauty tricks with Cosmopolitan, which are not only genius but also super easy to copy. Here are her three must-try makeup hacks:

#1 Use a bobby pin to apply false eyelashes

Lucy explained she’s become quite the expert when it comes to applying a pair of falsies. “I put them on myself before I go on set for Pretty Little Liars, so I've actually gotten really good at applying them.” So what’s the secret? Lucy separates a bobby pin in half and dabs glue onto the ends. She then uses the bobby pin to spread the glue on the lash. This way, you get more control and less spillage of glue.

#2 Keep eyebrows in place with hairspray

The actress sprays a disposable mascara wand with hairspray, and then runs it over her brows to keep them in place. She laughs, “(Now) they’re not going to move all day, literally, goes on like cement!”

#3 Mix different lipsticks together to get the ideal colour

We often see her gracing the red carpet with a gorgeous popped lip, but can never seem to figure out the exact lipstick to match. And now we know why! Lucy likes to experiment with her bold lip colour by mixing shades together to create a customised pout. She applies one colour to the top, another on her bottom lip and then simply presses her lips together to blend. No laboratory needed.

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