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PSA: it's already Australia's number one lipstick...

Content Producer / June 10 2024

The Product 

You might be looking at this gorgeous duo of lipsticks and thinking, 'surely I already know these?'. And we bet you do! Heck, you've probably got one floating around the bottom of your bag (we know we do). But why are they so familiar? Well, the Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick happens to already be rated as Australia's number one lipstick. Yep, it's a pretty big deal, and we're here to celebrate *ahem* announce, the arrival of twelve brand new shades.

Yep, the already extensive (stunning) shade range is expanding by a dozen and our very own REVIEWcrew® members were given the chance to get a sneak preview into a few of the brand new shades. 

If you're already familiar with this lipstick, you know it's an absolute winner, formulated with a blend of ultra-nourishing, seriously comfortable ingredients. In fact, up to 80 per cent of this lipstick is made from conditioning ingredients (think the likes of vitamin E). So, any fears you had about keeping your pout hydrated can be filed under 'not a concern'. 

Back to the colour of it all. Formulated with microfine pigment particles, you're guaranteed a pout-worthy hit of pigmented colour. It even stays put; not a feather of lipstick in sight when Revlon comes out! Designed to stay lightweight on your lips, the lipstick even helps to soften the appearance of fine lines. Repeat after us: 'lipstick won't help our under eye area'. 

All it takes is a simple swipe and you're ready to head out the door. So, before you dash, let's see what the REVIEWcrew® members had to say about the luscious lipstick...

The Panel

BEAUTYcrew sent the Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick to a panel of lipstick-wearing, beauty-loving women aged 24-39.

The lowdown

The comfortable feeling formula: If you've ever applied a lipstick that just didn't want to budge across your lips, then you know the uncomfortable feeling of persevering and leaving it on your lips. Well, our REVIEWcrew® members are pleased to announce that this vitamin E-infused lipstick is as lustrous as the title claims to be. In fact, they found the formula seriously comfortable to wear throughout the day, which brings us on to the member loved point number two. 

The long-wearing benefits: There is seriously nothing worse than applying your lipstick before heading out for the day, taking a single sip of your morning coffee and finding that your entire pout is totally sans colour. Okay, maybe there are a few other things worse, but this is right up there with total tragedies. Thankfully our REVIEWcrew® members have reliably co-signed on to say, this lipstick lasts. Paired with the comfortable formula and long-wearing benefits, this lippy is seeming like it's coming out a winner. 

The extensive shade range: If you've ever fallen victim to finding a lipstick you love and wanting it in every. single. shade. but the brand doesn't quite have the extensive offering your pout deserves, then you know the pain. But Revlon are here to take that pout-pain away, with their extensive shade range. Having even launched 12 brand new (beautiful) shades to the already much-loved Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick range. 


The verdict

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As someone who normally wears high end bullet lipsticks, I found the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick to be quite refreshing and a nice surprise. I think it is probably my favourite drugstore lipstick that I have tried. The colour that I had the pleasure of trying is called Wild Saffron, which is a bright, cheerful shade of red. This lipstick glides on the lips so beautifully, and provides intense, long-lasting colour. It is not drying on the lips, and feels quite moisturising. I found it to be very comfortable to wear, and it did not need too many reapplications throughout the day. I did use a lip liner for added definition, but this lipstick blended beautifully. Application was a breeze, with opacity achieved with one swipe. I did not think layering was necessary at all, as I was able to achieve a bold look immediately. My favourite thing about this lipstick is its velvety and creamy texture. I also really like the beautiful subtle shine it gives to my lips. I found the colour to be very flattering despite its boldness and vibrancy. I would definitely recommend this lipstick to my family and friends, and would 100% purchase it again!
Gloria K
REVIEWcrew® Member
The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick stands out for its long-lasting formula and vibrant colour payoff. Unlike some other lipsticks that fade quickly or require frequent touch-ups, this lipstick stays put for hours and maintains its rich colour throughout the day. One of the key distinguishing factors of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is its wide range of shades and finishes. From bold reds to subtle nudes, this lipstick line offers something for every preference. Additionally, the creamy texture and moisturizing formula make it a favourite among makeup professionals for its comfortable wear and smooth application.
Chers B
REVIEWcrew® Member
Revlon Super Lustrous has quickly become my go-to lipstick First off, the colour payoff is incredible. The shade is perfect for a night out or even a confidence boost during the day. Revlon offers a massive shade range though, so there's truly a colour for everyone. What truly surprised me was how moisturising this lipstick is. Many bold lipsticks can be drying, but this one feels like a luxurious balm. It glides on effortlessly thanks to the creamy formula, and my lips feel soft and hydrated all day long. No more chapping or flaking! The staying power is another win. While it's not a completely transfer-proof lipstick, it wears beautifully for several hours. I can get through a work day with minimal touch-ups, and it even survives a coffee break or two. The colour fades evenly throughout the wear, so you don't have to worry about dreaded patchiness.
Faiza Z
REVIEWcrew® Member

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