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Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick is a smooth and moisturising lipstick with microfine pigments that work to deliver a high-impact colour. The hydrating formula is available in a wide range of shades and four finishes: crème, matte, pearl and sheer.

Available in 54 shades.


Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick


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Never disappointed in purchasing their brand lipsticks. This one especially, just leaves my lips moisturised and luscious. I do apply another coat but that’s if I’ve been wearing it from am to pm. As it gives your lips a glossy and has a creamy texture. It’s also easy to apply on.
This lipstick is so good for it's price range. I've got this in Coffee Bean shade in pearly finish. It is a beautiful neutral - nude kind of brown shade that is absolutely perfect for everyday wear. I hardly ever have to use a lipliner while wearing this lipstick. It's richly pigmented, applies smoothly because of how creamy it is and have just the right amount of shine. More often than not, just one coat is enough to get the right color and lasts for hours or until I have a meal. Super easy to touch up without any fuss of looking for a liner. It doesn't have any particular smell which is so great. I also love using this lipstick for layering. With my wheatish skin tone, a lip color that is too pink or has cool tones doesn't go well, so this one works well for adding a touch of warmth to all those shades. While the packing is modest and simple, the finish can definitely give even a luxe lipcolor run for it's money.
The Revlon Super Lustrous are really good moisturising lippies, with a great range of shades that everyone is bound to find something that suits them. The finish is on the sheeny, glossier end, but in spite of that, the colours I've tried have not feathered or smeared easily. The formula is great, making application a breeze. I love how the black tube with the small strip of gold gives these lipsticks a classic, yet modern look. There's also a coloured sticker that matches the lipstick colour on the base of the tube. One criticism I have is that the colour I see on the tube is much richer than the colour that ends up on my skin, no matter where I apply it. This discrepancy is more obvious with the darker shades, like Black Cherry, which looks deeper and richer in the tube.
I absolutely adore this lipstick, it's so creamy and glides on so well.  I bought the shade 'Sassy' which is a delicious mauve, it stays on through food and drink too. I'm getting this lippy in a few more shades as I recently discovered that colours I thought didn't suit me actually look quite good when I add a nice shiny lip gloss, especially if it's glittery or holographic. Top marks again, Revlon!
Great, affordable lipstick range! The super lustrous line is so large and diverse that there is a shade to suit everyone! Revlon lipsticks were one of the very first lipsticks I ever bought, and I still believe that they are some of the best affordable and accessible lines on the Australian market. My star picks from the range are the reds - Revlon has been making perfect reds for decades, so they certainly know how to do them well. My colour of choice is Cherries in the Snow, which is a deep pink-red. It is a gorgeous creamy formula, that is fully opaque in just one swipe. Because of it's creamy formula, I like to run around the edges with a lip brush, although the bullet shape allows for near-perfect application. The colour really brings vibrancy and life to the rest of makeup, and brightens up my face. It's amazing what a pop of colour can do! I have no issues with the formula smearing or fading unevenly. I do need to reapply after lunch time, but if I don't there is still a stain of the shade on my lips. While it is not a moisturising formula, it is not a drying one either. If you have dry lips like me I would recommend applying a lip balm at the day's end just in case. The tube is classic - a simple black with gold banding. This is such classy packaging, and I'm never embarrassed to pull it out of my handbag. It looks like the lipstick a 1950s screen siren would carry around and wear - it makes me feel so glamorous!
I have quite a few of these lipsticks. Fantastic colour range. Applies really nice and smooth. Very creamy texture, and the colour is amazing .. very pigmented!  Doesn't last all night which is the only downside. Would need to re apply after a few hours. Great product and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good lipstick but doesn't want to spend too much.  Tip: I always apply lip balm to my lips first. I do tend to have dry lips and find that putting the lip balm on first helps it glides on and wear better without flaking.
The Revlon super lustrous lipstick is a great lipstick that comes in a huge range of colours so you're bound to find one or several colours that work well for you! I had the colours coralberry, certainly red and rosewine.  They all go on very smoothly and feel creamy on the lips but they do tend to become dry after while so I would recommend putting on lip balm on before applying the lipstick.  The colours are pigmented as well so it really pops when you put it on.  It does last for several hours before it starts to fade but it does easily transfer when you re eating and drinking.  Sometimes I use it as a lip stain but only lightly dabbing the lipstick onto my lips and then applying a gloss on top.  It's a great lipstick and I wear it all the time!
If you are into vintage style like me, your makeup collection isn't complete until you own Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire and Ice, and Cherries in the Snow. Fire and Ice is a vibrant orange red, and Cherries in the Snow is a deep berry pink. Both are gorgeous colours and offset a vintage outfit perfectly, but what really keeps me coming back to these lippies is the formula. Super Lustrous Lipstick is very pigmented, so you only need one coat and it's very quick to apply in the morning. It has a creamy texture, and although it feels a bit slippery, it really does stay in place all day. A work colleague recently complemented my red lippy and commented that it's amazing that it doesn't get on my teeth during the day. Even after lunch it's miraculously still exactly where it's supposed to be. Another great thing about this lipstick is that it doesn't have a strong fragrance, or leave a bad taste in your mouth like some lipsticks and lip balms (especially those with sunscreen) can. This doesn't dry my lips out either, which is a plus. I am sure the formula has changed over the years but I believe the colours have held true to their first releases back in the 1950s, which gives me thrill. Just knowing that I am wearing something that has such a rich history makes me feel connected to all those women of the past who adored red lips as much as we do today. Revlon might be a pharmacy brand but I have always been impressed with the high quality of their products, and these lipsticks are no exception. You're sure to find a shade and finish that suits you, and with tester stands you can try before you buy. TIP: Test lipstick on the pad of your thumb as it's the closest match to the colour of your lips.
The Revlon super lustrous lipstick is a long wearing lipstick. It is smooth to apply and helps with keeping my lips moist. I usually buy the creme version mostly in any of the beautiful red range that Revlon offer. The wonderful black and gold container the lipstick comes in is very classy.  The price is also a great feature. Overall the Revlon super lustrous lipstick is a wonderful product and a reliable brand name.
This lipstick is very pigmented! It's comfortable to wear and last while eating and drinking! There are so many shades to choose from. The price is so great also compared to higher end products however the quality is not compromised. Would definitely recommend trying these lipsticks and would repurchase!
I purchased a peal finish,  this lipstick is very pigmented and true to colour advertised on the lipstick. Glossy finish, creamy texture and easy to apply. The wear is not very long though, would need to reapply after a few hours. Can definitely build up the colour, one to two coats is more than enough for me. For a more understated look I tend to just dab it on over lip balm. I tend to have dry lips so I do put this on after lip balm, but it did still dry out after a few hours. Not as hydrating as I thought it would be.  Would recommend this lipstick to people who are after a high impact colour, it delivers its promise.