Here’s how you can contour without makeup

And all you’ll need is a few kitchen ingredients

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

Contrary to what Kim Kardashian and her mid-makeup selfies would lead you to believe, you don’t need a million and one products to perfectly contour and highlight your face. In fact, you may not even need makeup to achieve a sculpted finish, if Canadian beauty blogger Farah Dhukai’s latest Instagram video is anything to go by.

The popular social media star has just introduced us to the contouring mask, which is made up of two different formulations, all made from a variety of ingredients you would find in your kitchen cupboard, to subtly contour and highlight your face.

So how does this technique supposedly work?

Dhukai calls the process multi-masking, whereby you use different masks for different skin concerns. In her contouring mask she creates two concoctions, one to highlight and one to contour.

The highlighting mask combines rose petals (can be fresh or dried), honey (a little less than one tablespoon) and one tablespoon of yoghurt. She then applies the mask to her forehead, chin, tops of cheekbones, nose and lower cheeks to brighten and create a natural glow.

Dhukai says that the reason the highlighting mask works so well is due to the yoghurt being rich in lactic acid and B vitamins, which actively exfoliates, plumps and hydrates the skin, the rose water’s brightening and toning properties, which leaves the skin smooth and soft and the antioxidant rich honey that amps up your complexion’s natural glow.

For the contouring mask, Dhukai mixes one tablespoon of espresso coffee or coffee grinds, one tablespoon of cacao powder and a little less than one tablespoon of honey. She suggests applying the mask to any areas on the face you wish to tighten, such as the hairline, sides of the nose, cheekbones and below the jawline.

She explains that the contouring mask works so well as the “caffeine pulls excess moisture from the skin, making it look more firm and tight.” She then goes on to say that the cacao powder, which is full of vitamin C and fatty acids works as a “natural sunscreen and helps improve the skin’s complexion.”

After allowing the masks to dry completely, Dhukai washes them off with lukewarm water in circular motions, which then reveals her skin, which does in fact have a subtle and contoured glow.

Whilst we’re not totally sold on this mask as a contouring technique, it certainly does sound like it has great skin benefits, so it’s worth trying if you’re a bit of a DIY fanatic. Just make sure you do a patch test on a small area of your skin first to ensure you avoid any skin irritation or sensitivity.

You can check out the entire video below to see just how Dhukai applies her masks and the final results.

Image credit: @farahdhukai
Video credit: @farahdhukai

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