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Content Producer / December 11 2023

When it comes to treatments, beauty services and the overarching world of aesthetics, there’s no feeling quite like the one of change. From a fresh haircut to a new tattoo, the dopamine hit associated with these alterations is unmatched. 

Ear piercing, which rests in the realm of body modification, is no different. In fact, it’s one of the more popular (and considered) avenues of aesthetic alteration. 

While piercing has long existed as a form of cultural practice and artistic expression, the body modification practice is now considered an extension of one’s style. Filtering into the new age of piercing is a phenomenon called the ‘curated ear’. Today, tailoring your piercings to your specific ear and facial structure is considered a bespoke service., where the carefully curated earring stack is a badge of one’s effort. 

Maria Tash is one of the trailblazers behind the curated ear concept. Known for her luxury piercing services and namesake jewellery brand, the piercing pioneer’s work can be seen on the likes of Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and Taylor Swift.

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Keeping her impressive clientele and trendsetting jewellery design in mind, BEAUTY/crew spoke to the artist and businesswoman about the impact of piercings on one’s appearance and how you can curate a piercing best suited to you.

Tash’s careful hand and fine jewellery style have lead to global recognition, where the MARIA TASH brand is now synonymous with a tailored experience and luxurious style. Her signature ‘Curated Ear’ is evidence of this.

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“The perfect Curated Ear® is one that is balanced with the wearer's personal style and skin tone,” Tash told BEAUTY/crew.

“Earrings flatter the face and can elongate it, widen it, draw attention to eye color, serve to match or color block with apparel, illustrate asymmetry or symmetry, and detract from any perceived scars or skin flaws.” 

Because of this, it’s almost natural that piercings filter into the world of beauty.

“There really are infinite ways to layer, combine, and custom-fit earrings to create an individualized look, or even tell a story with how pieces relate to each other. These combinations and stories illustrate one's personality and show the public what you find fascinating.”

When it comes to Swifts and Fentys of the world, Tash’s unique approach to ear curation has certainly captured the celebrity world. Much like a cult facial treatment or must-visit celebrity hairstylist, Tash is considered one of Hollywood’s go-to piercers.

“I love that my jewellery becomes a part of them, because in so many cases clients wear my pieces continuously, illustrating that the selected pieces are a true reflection of what makes them happy and can comfortably integrate into their busy life,” Tash said of her A-list clients.

As for one of her favourite curations? Rihanna, of course.

From statement lobe pieces to fine cartilage curations, the singer and business mogul has exhibited Tash’s work on multiple occasions, including the highly prestigious Met Gala carpet.

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“We live at the intersection of fashion and I think our approach to personalized curations, our dedication to creative  jewellery pieces, and our inherent edginess resonates with these influential thinkers,” Tash explained.

As BEAUTY/crew spoke to Tash, it became clear that from delicate studs to bold hoops, each piece of jewellery is not just an accessory but a statement, meticulously chosen to complement the wearer's personal style and anatomy. While downtime is an inevitable after such a treatment, it’s that little extra injection of bling that brings joy to so many across the world.

For Australians who have long Insta-stalked MARIA TASH’s drool-worthy earring stacks, you may be excited to hear that the brand brought their signature experience Down Under!

Recently launching into MECCA’s flagship store in George St, Sydney, customers can now experience the MARIA TASH service for themselves.

Taking consideration into anatomy, skin tone and personal style, Tash says the MARIA TASH stylists offer a uniquely personalised experience for each client.

“In addition to the quality of my jewellery, we are piercing experts having developed new piercing techniques. We use state of the art modern piercing equipment, tools, and sterilization, as well as my forward-facing piercing method.”

Wanting to visit MARIA TASH at MECCA George St? Book online at MECCA’s website.

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