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Why You Need To Use A Deer Milk Day Cream

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Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / September 24 2019

No skin care routine is complete without a great day cream. Slathered on first thing in the morning, you need one that’s going to work hard from AM to PM to protect and pamper your skin so it ends the evening looking and feeling just as good (if not better) than when the day started. It’s not a lot to ask, but it can be a mission to find a moisturiser that ticks all the boxes.

One of the best places to begin your search is the ingredients list. Because a moisturiser is only as good as what’s in it. From your day cream, ideally you want it to include ingredients that focus on hydrating, protecting and repairing.

Deer milk is a skin-loving ingredient that delivers on all three fronts, and you’ll find it in kōtia’s Hydrating Day Cream SPF15.

Kotia Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15

Deer milk is actually a newcomer on the skin care scene, but it is already proving its worthiness of a place in our beauty routines - regardless of our skin type. For centuries, milk has been a go-to ingredient for radiant, wrinkle-free skin (Cleopatra literally bathed in the stuff!), and while deer milk’s benefits have only just been uncovered, it’s already proving itself to be one of the most potent milk types. Discovered by the New Zealand skin care brand, kōtia decided to investigate the ingredient further after one of their milkhands noticed her dry, work-weathered hands became soft and youthful from the deer milk. What kōtia found was deer milk has more protein, calcium, phosphorus and zinc than other animal milks, and it has the highest total fat content.

What does this all mean for your skin? Well, deer milk is incredibly nourishing and it has all kinds of benefits for your skin’s health, such as encouraging collagen production and cell renewal for younger-looking skin and boosting your skin’s ability to retain moisture and protect itself against environmental stress. All things you want in your daily moisturiser.

Besides deer milk, this Hydrating Day Cream SPF15 has other known moisturising ingredients like shea butter, glycerin and jojoba, as well as SPF protection, which is a huge plus in our books. Its formula is rich but melts beautifully into the skin, and it’s been dermatologically tested.

Our editor Carli recently put another one of kōtia’s deer milk formulas through its paces - read her review of the Rejuvenating Serum here.

Want to know more about deer milk? We've got the lowdown on the innovative new ingredient here.

Have you tried the kōtia Hydrating Day Cream SPF15? What do you look for in a day cream? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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