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Plus, the first perfume she ever owned

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 23 2018

After the huge success of her first perfume launch Delta by Delta Goodrem in 2017, it’s hardly surprising the Aussie beauty wanted to dip her toes into the perfume world once again. This time the singer collaborated with the Bondi Perfume Company to create her new scent, Dream by Delta Goodrem. Recently, we sat down with Delta for an exclusive interview to ask her about her new fragrance, the products that help her get out of a funk and the best beauty hacks she’s discovered over her years in the spotlight. 

On what sets her new fragrance Dream by Delta Goodrem apart from her debut scent…
“They’re definitely different smells and designed to evoke different feelings. The first one’s very fresh and feminine and while they both have a strength in them, this one has a new layer of my personality as it has more of a natural element to it. This one’s floral and woody so it works well for both day and night, whereas my first scent is very fresh and light.”


Dream by Delta Goodrem

On the first perfume she ever bought…
“That’s a very good question. Yes, I remember it was a purple bottle from Stella McCartney I think and then I really loved Yves Saint Laurent Opium. I also loved CHANEL No 5 for a while.” 

On the beauty products that help her get out of a funk…
“Definitely sparkles. If we are getting ready for a show I’m going to need a little bit of sparkle. I also love having my candles lit, music going and having a sip of Coke – it’s my ‘let’s go and get ready’ ritual. I’m also all about energy and what’s in the room. The environment is very crucial for my being and I’m very sensitive to the energy around me. Besides that, adding a little bit of sparkle on my eyes is all I need.” 

On the best beauty hacks she’s discovered…
“Because I’ve been so fortunate to work with makeup artists from such a young age, I have definitely learnt a lot. My favourite thing is highlighting, especially with sparkly shades. I’ve definitely paid attention to where they put my makeup and what suits me. I grew my eyebrows because I had really skinny ones when I first started out, because that was the trend. I remember a photographer telling me that I should grow my brows out as it would make a big difference to my face and [it did]. Little tips like sparkles on my eyes – I really enjoy that. My main beauty tip though is to make sure you always wash your face. I can’t go to bed with makeup on, or it’s very rare for me to do that – I’d have to have had one too many wines to not take off my makeup!"

On what her beauty routine consists of on a day off…
“On a day off I love clean skin. I associate getting made up as getting ready for work. So at any other time or while I’m creating, I’ll have my shoes off and I’ll be in the studio writing songs at my piano. I never wear heels on a day off and I’ll just put a bit of mascara on and make sure my brows are alright. I’m all about a fresh look – a little bit of base makeup and gloss and I’m done. I don’t take time doing my hair and makeup when I’m not working, I reckon it takes me 15 minutes tops.” 

On her beauty routine for a night out…
“Again, because I get glammed up for work and because I love getting dressed and coming up with a look for The Voice or when I’ve got a song coming out and we’re shooting a cover for the single, I tend to keep my makeup quite chilled on a night out with friends. I have three hairstyles: up, messy or very relaxed, and that’s it. Makeup wise, I go for a simple, smudgy eye look using a bit of eyeliner and mascara. It’s a bit more rock n roll than glamorous.” 

On her new brunette hair…
“It’s totally changed my routine. I started off with a fringe and that was fun. It actually came from a place of really wanting to change and I always had this space in me where I always wanted to go dark. I naturally have auburn-blonde hair, then when I played Grissabella in Cats I got to wear a black wig every day and I loved that wig!” 

Dream by Delta Goodrem is available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot.

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