Turns out everyone wants to dermaplane their faces right now

dermaplaning sales soaring covid

The at-home beauty tool that’s flying off shelves

Editor / April 28 2020

The whole COVID-19 situation has given us ample opportunity to try new skin products and treatments – mainly because we now have more time than ever before to tweak, refine and advance our beauty routines, and also because government restrictions and salon closures have forced our hands to try replicate our favourite professional treatments at home. 

And while we have no doubt that face masks have seen a huge spike in sales during this time (#selfcare’s not just for Sundays anymore, you guys), it’s actually at-home dermaplaning tools that have had a surge of interest. Who would have thought? 

Based on sales data from Priceline, cosmetics brand Revlon has seen its Face Defuzzer take the number one spot in its sales in the past few weeks, a position usually held by one of its cult cosmetics products.

Revlon Face Defuzzer

“Dermaplaning had previously been something that you would normally experience in-salon only [but] with the recent government restrictions to beauty salons, consumers are looking for at-home alternatives to salon experiences. Since their launch in 2019, our face defuzzers have been extremely popular, continually ranking in the top 50 Revlon products at Priceline. In the last few weeks, we have seen their popularity increase tenfold, with a 60 per cent increase in sales, consistently taking the number one spot for Revlon products sold in Priceline. Dermaplaning has amazing benefits, and consumers have turned to the face defuzzer to experience them in significant numbers; we have had to work closely with Priceline to manage the demand, with a new delivery of defuzzers arriving last week,” says Marisa Laria, Revlon’s Senior Brand Manager. 

Also entering Revlon’s top 10 in sales is the Jade Roller and the nail tools, which goes to show we’re all in when it comes to trying to create our very-missed salon treatments at home. 

If you’re a bit new to the whole dermaplaning world, here’s the gist: Think of it as a very gentle razor that’s used in short, soft strokes to help exfoliate the skin and help get rid of the peach fuzz that might get in the way of an otherwise flawless makeup application. A treatment that’s vouched for by beauty guru and Go-To founder Zoe Foster Blake, a dermaplane session can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, and while skin may feel a bit tender for a few hours, it’s non-invasive and relatively pain-free. And no, it won’t have your hair growing back thicker or darker, so if the fear of a five o’clock shadow has prevented you from trying the treatment to this point, be reassured you won’t be sporting a bushy beard a few days post-treatment. 

At $9.95 for two razors, the Revlon Face Defuzzer is an excellent option if you’re looking to get into dermaplaning at home, but if you’re having issues finding stock at the moment, look into MCo Beauty Super Smooth Facial and Brow Razor or head to Amazon for the Tinkle Eyebrow Razor (yes, it’ll work for your face too). 

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