Zoe Foster Blake has *all* of the tips for prepping your skin for a big event

“Make your face ZING WITH HEALTH”

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / July 01 2019

Last week, Zoe Foster Blake geared up to attend the 2019 Logie Awards with her comedian/actor hubby Hamish Blake.

And for those of us playing at home, the former beauty editor shared a very in-depth account of how she got her skin red carpet-ready via Instagram.

“If you have a big event or your wedding is coming up, and are interested in what you can do to make your face ZING WITH HEALTH, I rate the following type of treatment for exceptional skin tone and bounce,” says Zoe, before spilling ALL of her pre-event skin prep secrets.

Side note: zing and bounce?! We are LISTENING, Zoe!

With no time to muck around (the gal’s got kids, a biz AND is a bestselling author), Zoe’s pre-event skin care treatment regimen has been fine-tuned like nothing else.

“Pre-kids I used to have time for a skin ‘program’ before a big event: now I just book in one very effective treatment, pack a Go-To sheet mask for the day, and hire a makeup artist who excels in glow,” says Zoe.

She credits the treatment plan to her facialist Brooke Holmes at Me Skin & Body in South Yarra, saying Brooke understands that:

“A) I’m terrified of cold sores coming up after heat and trauma (two common treatment components); B) my pigmentation flares easily; C) when you own a skin care company and tell people what to do with their skin constantly, people tend to inspect your skin closely; and D) I always need a wee halfway through.”

Here’s exactly how Zoe Foster Blake prepped her skin for this year’s Logies:

#1 / Dermaplaning and an oxygen facial to smooth and soothe

Zoe has previously sung the praises of dermaplaning, which is essentially a treatment that removes vellus hair and dead skin cells using a sterile surgical blade.

“In my one efficient hour today I had dermaplaning (microblading which exfoliates and removes the hair from face for astonishing makeup application; then some 'active oxygen' to calm the skin and also brighten it after the dermaplaning,” says Zoe, while carefully noting: “I've had it a few times and before you ask, no, the hair doesn’t return thicker. That said, if you have sensitive skin or hormonal imbalances leading to excessive facial hair, maybe give it a miss.”

#2 / Laser Genesis to brighten and even the skin tone

Next up on Zoe’s pre-event treatment menu is a Laser Genesis sesh, which is a non-invasive treatment that works by gently heating the top layers of the skin to increase collagen production, while generating heat in dilated capillaries to minimise redness. The results? Almost too many to name - reduced redness, brighter skin, a more even complexion, and over time, decreased fine lines and wrinkles.

Zoe loves Laser Genesis because there’s “no downtime, [it] reduces redness, brightens skin and most critically, stimulates collagen and elastin in a few days’ time. Last time I had this I was shocked and delighted at the delayed onset mega glow, which is why I booked this today (so skin is peaking for the Logies on Sunday) and then a peptide mask to soothe and hydrate.”

#3 / Pre-event sheet masking

One of the oldest tricks in the beauty book for *instantly* glowing skin is the trusty sheet mask. Sheet masks are a surefire way to top up your skin with a super dose of hydration to add extra plumpness and increase the glow factor.

Zoe uses one of her own Go-To Skincare Transformazing masks on the day, but we also love Garnier Fresh-Mix Hyaluron Shot Tissue Mask and Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask.

Go-To Skincare Transformazing

Garnier Fresh-Mix Hyaluron Shot Tissue Mask

Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

The best news? All these Zoe Foster Blake-recommended skin treatments are totally non-invasive, require no downtime, and won’t hurt at all. When questioned by one of her Insta followers on whether the treatments are painful, Zoe fired straight back: “Nope. I am wuss. They are all completely fine.”

If you’re looking for more tips on getting yourself ready for a big event, check out our race day beauty guide to prepping in less than 12 hours. 

Have you tried any of Zoe Foster Blake’s go-to skin treatments? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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