7 of the best facials for summer-ready skin

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Road-tested by the Beauty Crew team

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 18 2019

From the cool winter months to the blazing heat in summer, your skin can come out the other side looking less than ideal – we’re talking dry, flaky, dull and downright confused.  

If your skin could do with a little pick-me-up, there’s no better way than to kick back with a rejuvenating and refreshing facial. We are ALL about it! The Beauty Crew team have been hard at work trying a bunch of the best facials – here are some of our top picks for facials that will get your skin summer-ready.

The facial: Dermalogica Pro Power Peel

The review: “Congestion is the bane of my existence, so I’m always looking for solutions that’ll help – at the very least – to keep it at bay. So in I went to the Dermalogica clinic in the Met Centre in Sydney to trial a customised express Pro Power Peel Treatment. In just 30 minutes, my skin was cleansed and layered with peels that were chosen to target my particular concerns, with the application focused on the areas that needed it (for me that meant the PowerClear Peel, which was applied to my chin and jawline where my breakouts are worse; and the Advanced Renewal Peel was applied all over for anti-ageing benefits). The peels can be layered on each other almost immediately, so there was no time wasted waiting for them to settle in and work their magic. A neutralising solution was then applied to soothe and normalise the skin’s pH post-peel, followed by a calming moisturiser to finish. I was recommended to use products from the Ultra Calming range after the treatment to help soothe any redness and keep my skin hydrated (they were quite firm on the need to keep my skin well-moisturised for the next few days while my skin healed). While peels can be quite intense, my skin didn’t look particularly red or feel sore or tender. After a few days, my skin looked fresh and glowy and I could return to my regular skin care routine (sans actives and exfoliators), and after about 10 days, I topped up my professional treatment with the at-home peel, Rapid Reveal Peel.” – Carli Alman, Editor
The cost: From $90

The facial: Vaia Beauty Brightening Mask

The review: “There’s nothing like a facial peel, loaded with AHAs and BHAs, to slough away dead skin, improve skin tone and make skin look luminous… all in half an hour. To really amp up the glow-factor, opt for an additional LED Therapy (from $110), which is so relaxing, I’m sure you’ll fall asleep during it.” - Iantha Yu, Beauty Editor
The cost: From $150

The facial: Laser Genesis 

The review: “As someone with mild rosacea, I’m always on the hunt for products and treatments that are aimed at minimising redness. So, when I found out about the new Laser Genesis treatment, which promises to treat fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin texture, all while reducing redness and scarring, I was eager to give it a go. For my treatment, I visited Jacqueline at Inskin Medi Spa in Neutral Bay. After cleansing and exfoliating my skin, Jacqueline moved the laser device across my face for around 20-30 minutes. Unlike hair removal lasers that feel like someone’s flicking a rubber band on your skin, the Laser Genesis almost felt like warm rain - soothing and therapeutic. But the laser does a whole lot more than make you feel relaxed. The technology works by gently heating the upper layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production, while also generating heat in dilated capillaries, which results in reduced redness. While a course of six treatments is recommended for maximum results, I’m happy to say my skin was glowing and my redness was visibly reduced after just one session. – Kate Niven, Beauty Writer
The cost: $370 per treatment 

The facial: Venus Versa TriBella

The review: “This was unlike most facial treatments I’ve ever had. Instead of the usual cleanse, exfoliate, treat scenario, TriBella was more of a skin rejuvenation treatment that used some pretty high-tech machinery to improve skin tone, elasticity and texture. The total treatment time took about 45 minutes, and that included a photorejuvenation session using IPL (this was the tone part), a relaxing massage-like treatment using Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (to improve collagen and elastin production), and the final (most uncomfortable) stage of skin resurfacing, which used a NanoFractional RF™ applicator (think of it like a rectangle tool with lots of tiny needles!). Post-treatment, my skin felt quite hot, raw and tender (almost like I had sunburn), and I had tiny red dots from the last step. But strangely enough, I still had an underlying glow that people noticed. The down-time for me (which was just mainly a bit of redness) was about two days, and after the redness subsided, I returned to using my usual skin care products, and I noticed complete healing after a week. My skin felt so much smoother and looked more radiant and even. For this treatment, it is recommended to complete three treatments every four to five weeks for the best results, and then one treatment every six months for maintenance.” – Carli Alman, Editor
The cost: Around $1000 per session

The facial: Multi-laser facial with Dr Phoebe Jones

The review: “While I love a relaxing facial as much as the next person, sometimes I just can’t go past a high-tech treatment that’s really going to get to work. And that’s exactly what I experienced when I visited Dr Phoebe Jones at Concept Cosmetic Medicine in Drummoyne recently. The facial I received utilised two different lasers and a topical peel in order to target all the layers of the skin for maximum results. To start, Dr Jones used a YAG laser to address any pigmentation and boost radiance in the top layers of my skin, before using Laser Genesis to stimulate collagen production, reduce lines and minimise redness at a deeper skin level. A topical peel was then applied to refine my skin’s texture. Side note: I had a choice of either a glycolic peel or a vitamin A peel, and opted for the latter. If you decide to do the same, be prepared for your skin to shed. While it won’t look its best to begin with, you’ll be greeted with a glowing and radiant complexion once the peeling stops (which for me was four days).” – Kate Niven, Beauty Writer 
The cost: $275

The facial: Sisley Botanical Facial

The review: “My skin tends to be super dry and annoying 99.9 per cent of the time (yes, even in summer) and it can be hard to find a single skin care product that’ll give it a good boost of hydration that actually lasts. So when I popped by Softiel Hotel in Darling Harbour, Sydney, to trial the Sisley Paris Botanical Facial (you can get yours at David Jones), I was eager to unload all my skin woes and seek out a solution to my ultra-dry skin and breakouts. After explaining my skin concerns to my lovely Sisley skin expert, she asked me about my skin care routine and assessed my skin. The treatment went for about 60 minutes and it was absolute bliss. It started with a luxurious double cleansing facial, followed by an exfoliation treatment with application focused on my chin area (where I tend to get a lot of breakouts). All of the Sisley Botanical products smelt absolutely *amazing* and immediately made me feel relaxed (and super sleepy). A mask was then applied to my face, and as it worked its magic, I received a hand and arm massage to relieve any stress and tension. The mask was then removed with a warm towel and my face was massaged with warm stones to firm and revitalise the skin. To finish, the therapist applied an ultra-hydrating moisturiser with UV protection. The results were immediate, and I walked out feeling refreshed and relaxed with hydrated, plump and next-level glowing skin. The day after, my skin remained smooth, soft and radiant, and my usually-dry skin felt hydrated and happy. Within the next few days I even noticed less congestion around my chin area.” – Erin Docherty, Contributor
The cost: $100 (redeemable on a minimum of two Sisley skincare purchases at David Jones)

The facial: The Ultimate Recovery Facial by Diandra Politano

The review: “I’ve been obsessed with Diandra’s manner and technique for yonks, and I was so ecstatic when she finally launched her own studio in a quiet suburb just outside of the CBD. Whether you’ve done it tough this year or are hungover from all the summer festivities, opt for the heavenly Ultimate Recovery Facial, which includes a deep cleanse (yes, she even does extractions!), a heavenly facial massage and nourishing products to refresh your tired complexion.“ - Iantha Yu, Beauty Editor
The cost: $170

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Do you have a favourite facial treatment to keep your summer skin in check? Let us know in the comment section below.

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