4 steps to a summer-ready beauty kit

How To Upgrade Your Beauty Kit For Summer

The seasonal swaps you should be making asap

Women's Health Contributing Editor / December 05 2017

Your switch from red wine to rosé made it official; yep, summer has arrived. Here are four ways to upgrade your beauty kit so it’s well-equipped to handle the heat.


Upgrade your sunscreen

Sun protection that doubles as a moisturiser is our sort of multitasking. According to recent research, women who prioritised sunscreen-wear during summer felt 51 per cent better about their skin, over women with an inadequate SPF regimen. Skin care scientist Ken Lee, who headed up the study for NIVEA, says the idea that you need to ‘go red’ before your skin turns brown is one of the worst drivers for bad habits. “When your skin turns red, it’s inflamed and a sign your skin is damaged. [...] By no means will your skin receive a healthy colour from excessive, unprotected sun exposure.” Also, if you’re not running out on the regular, you’re not using enough. “Each full body application should be about 35mL, so you should, at the very least, use a few bottles a year,” says Lee. Think: at least one teaspoon of sunscreen (about 5mL) to each body part. “As sunscreens age, or repeatedly heat and cool, particularly when you take them to the beach, the quality of the lotion can deteriorate. When this happens, sunscreen won’t cover the skin evenly, in the way necessary for proper protection,” warns Lee. Try these next-gen, ultra-hydrating picks...

Products to try: Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF 40 High Protection Cream, NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+, Natural Instinct Invisible Natural SunscreenSPF 30, Ella Baché Great SPF 50 Sunglow, Sun Bum Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

Summer Sunscreen Essentials


Upgrade your foundation

Foundation with SPF is a no brainer. But one with coverage, sun protection and skin- perfecting benefits to dial up radiance and enhance tone? Take our money. Like keeping your skin well hydrated in winter, proper skin care through the warmer months prevents some of the complications that arise from harsh external factors like sun and pollution as well as what we put on our skin (we’re looking at you, heavy makeup.) According to dermatologist Dr Philip Tong, effectivesun protection is essential in preventing the development of pre-cancerous lesions as well as staving off ageing. “The most beautiful skin is the skin you were born with. A good routine keeps it healthy, replaces what has been taken out and maintains the appearance that nature intended.” Like when buying muesli, it pays to turn the packet over and check the ingredients. Nicotinamide (known as vitamin PP) has been shown to assist in the body’s repair of DNA damage in skin, which can happen with sun exposure. Ceramides in skin care products aim to replenish the ‘natural ceramides’ lost in the upper layers of the skin through over-washing or in those prone to develop dry skin. Try these foundations bolstered with skin-loving ingredients.

Products to try: Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream SPF 30, Payot Uni Skin CC Cream SPF 30, DermaQuest DermaMinerals Breathable Coverage Foundation SPF 30, IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination SPF 50+, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF 30

Summer Foundations


Upgrade your face mist

With benefits stretching beyond an initial cool-down, face mists offer up an unmatched dose of hydration. According to Dermalogica Education Manager Emma Hobson, they leave your skin plump and dewy. “Facial mists help eradicate dry patches and provide added moisture to even the skin’s hydration levels. If you spray prior to moisturising, you should need to apply less moisturiser and it’ll apply more evenly.” Indulged in too many sundown cocktails? A fine mist over your foundation radiates a healthy glow. The spray formula means 100 per cent of the product is applied to the skin, unlike applying with cotton, where much of the product is lost due to its absorption. Spritz on one of these skin wins.

Products to try: Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist, Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, Natio Refreshing Face Mist, A’kin Hydrating Mist Toner, Kora Organics Energising Citrus Mist

Summer Face Mists


Upgrade your lip colour

There’s a place for a strong matte lip, but it sure isn’t when you’re playing beach cricket under the hot Aussie sun. Witha hint of colour, these balms quench dry lips while keeping your pout ready for those #squadgoals snaps thanks to their strong moisturising powers. Hot tip: Add a dot to each cheek and blend for a rosy glow.  

Products to try: Chapstick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint, Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, Lanolips Tinted Balm, Blistex Lip Radiance, Guerlain Kisskiss Roselip, Benefit Benebalm

Summer Lip Tints

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How do you upgrade your beauty kit from spring to summer?

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