Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask with Hyaluron Shot

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Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask with Hyaluron Shot is is a DIY mask that’s designed to be mixed at the time of use. The packet contains a dry algae tissue mask, which transforms into a jelly-like sheet mask when mixed with the hyaluronic acid serum. The tissue mask acts like a shield and infuses the formula into the skin to intensely hydrate and plump skin.


Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask with Hyaluron Shot


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Fantastic mask

At first, I did not quite understand how to use this mask it really confused me!! I opened the packet not realizing you needed to fold it first so I then needed to fold it over and then squeeze the serum over into the right section from the bottom while being careful not to spill it everywhere as it was liquid. Once the serum moved into the mask section and covered it, I removed the mask from the packet and it was very gooey "gel" like- did not expect that at all! Of all the masks I found this one fit my face the best and was the easiest to apply, the nose section was the only issue as it was SOOO tiny it only covered the top half of my nose! When I applied the mask, it felt nice and smooth on my face and stuck to it well. After leaving for 15-20 minutes I carefully peeled it off, there was still alot of serum left on my face so I rubbed that into my face, neck and chest area as there was so much. It did take a little while to absorb but didn't bother me. My face looked so plump and refreshed and my frown lines barely noticeable immediately after removing the mask. Several days late my face is still glowing and plump and also have had no break outs since using it! Well definitely purchase and use it.
Great mask for the price. The sheet was a bit uncomfortable around my eyes. I like the idea of having fresh serum to mix with the mask, but there's a lot of waste left over in the package. My skin was very hydrated after this product and it felt softer. It's one of the best masks in its price category. The effects aren't long lasting or too obvious, but I didn't expect miracles. My skin did feel sticky after, but I feel all sheet masks I've tried have made it feel sticky. Would recommend to people looking for masks in this category.
I found the DIY tissue mask interesting concept, given you would think you would want the mask to be fully infused. Upon using the mask, it felt amazing on my skin and was very relaxing. The mask was super hydrating and my skin felt plump after using it.I found there was a lot of serum left over in the packet, so I used excess on my chest and arms. 
It was different using this product and I really liked the idea of soaking the mask ourselves, the instructions were easy to follow and was fun to do. My skin did feel slightly hydrated after use however I didn't find it to be a significant difference compared to other masks that I have used. I also found that the residue didn't quite soak into my skin even after 15 minutes and rubbing it in.
I loved the hydration of this mask as soon as you remove it from the pack. It had a great amount of product on the mask and the size and shape of the mask fitted my face perfectly. The mask felt cold and refreshing when applying and didn’t dry out. I have sensitive skin so I was really happy that I wasn’t left with any redness or a rash. My face felt hydrated after I removed the mask and continued to feel lovely and hydrated even the next day. I’ll definitely be using this product again.
This mask has left my skin feeling amazing, but the packaging was such a let down! Despite being such a unique concept there was just way to much serum to be practical, and the packaging was very difficult to try and retain leftover for future use. This resulted in me using much more serum than what felt required and left a  slightly sticky residue on my face as it would not soak in. Regardless, the serum absolutely delivered on the plumping and smoothing claims, and I have been enjoying a good skin day for close to a week. If the packaging were to improve it would be a 5 star product!
The mask was refreshing to use and was nicely scented. The mask itself fit my face well and stayed where it was placed (unlike some others that I have used before and felt it sliding down my face!). It made my skin feel fresh and clean, and well moisturised. Would definitely use again.
Garnier have nailed the cut and feel of their sheet masks. They fit in all the awkward places like around the nose and eyes and whilst this is a bit a fancy new aspect, being able to mix the mask yourself (so to speak) I wasn’t entirely pleased with the result, I felt there was way too much liquid and you do run the risk of it getting slightly messy! As for the feel of the mask on your face, it was gentle and soothing but I felt hot and sticky after using it and wondered if I used it next time would it ruin an active ingredient if I put it in the fridge beforehand because I honestly think that would be heavenly! Finally, overall mostly positive experience. My skin felt hydrated but no clearer or less redness.
I loved that this product due to the fact that the serum and mask where separated and then mixed only when you wanted to use the product, I have been waiting for a company to come out with something like this for years. The mask was great to apply sometimes sheet masks can feel stingy and like they should be submersed in additional product, but this product provided excess which can be used afterwards to put on the face or other body areas like the neck. My skin felt plump, hyrdrated and smooth straight after the mask was applied ! I will be purchasing these ASAP !
The concept of this facemask is most definitely unique, although I did find the product a little messy to use so would probably be more convenient if the mask was already mixed with the product. The mask itself was pretty good. It left my skin feeling hydrated and left me feeling very relaxed. I probably wouldn't purchase this product myself, but I do think the idea behind it was interesting.
Loved the feel of this mask, the eye holes were slightly small but once fit correctly I didn’t even notice it. The serum left on the skin after the 15minutes felt so smooth and hydrating. I will be re purchasing this mask for sure. The next day my skin felt so plump.
The mask did not fit my face very well, however, I find this with most sheet masks. I enjoyed mixing the mask/sheet myself, but am unsure if this increases the effectiveness of the mask. There was alot of excess mask liquid, which I applied to my skin, neck, and chest afterwards. I would purchase the mask again.
I liked the mask, it made my skin feel plump and hydrated, It was also good on the more sensitive areas of my face, and the price point is great. But I'm not really sold on the whole do it yourself aspect, to be honest i would prefer the already done ones.
Great facial mask! Loved the easy and simple way to apply a mask at home. Yes a winner for me and a furure purchase. The application of leaving it for 15mins was just enough timing. I did see a difference with my face after one use, I loved that my skin felt plump and to make it even better its affordable if you'll like a quick fix me up that revitalises the skin on a once a week basis. Yes this product does leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. It also has a plesant fragrance that I loved but may not suit everyone. I'll recommend you try it first.
I’m not totally sold on this mask, although I think it was ok. The actual fit of the mask was good and it wore comfortably, which I find is rare in a sheet mask! What I felt though was that there was FAR too much serum, like probably 4c the amount needed and it felt wasteful, especially because the packaging made it quite hard to retain the rest of the serum for future use. I also felt that the fragrance of the serum was too fragranced, and having it sit on my face for that long I found it unpleasant and a bit overwhelming. The results were as advertised, my skin felt hydrated and plumped but I felt I still needed a moisturiser before I went to bed to lock all the goodness in. On the fence on this one.
To be honest, I could not figure out how to mix it, I was afraid I would burst the bag and lose the mixture to the walls. So instead I cut the top and placed the cloth in the serum. However, I was very glad I did not give up as this mask delivered on what it promised. Which was hydration, plumpness and the absence of fine lines thanks to the hyaluronic acid. The mask itself was easy to apply and stayed in place. The fragrance was pleasant and did not irritate. I found there was enough serum for me to reapply another layer after 15 minutes, and the remainder I used as a serum under my moisturiser for the next 2 days. The effect of the serum lasted for at least a week. I really liked this masked and will purchase in the future, especially for the reasonable price. In fact, I liked this mask so much I rubed the residue of the mask all over my décolletage and arms to ensure I got every last drop out.
Great product for dry and sensitive skin, perfect after a week at the beach! A little more fiddly than a standard sheet mask however it did not take away from the experience being a positive one. My skin felt plump, hydrated and refreshed after a great pick me up for my skin. I would purchase this product again.
Love it! My skin feels so good but I didn’t have to do much! It’s relaxing to use and I feel so refreshed and my skin looks great. A surprising and weird plus is that the mask doesn’t slide off so you don’t have to readjust it or hold your head in any uncomfortable positions. Really happy with the plumping properties, I don’t understand how it works but it does!
I loved this mask, my skin has been dry lately. It was easy to mix the serum with the dry mask. The mask fit my face perfectly, i have a small face so usually the masks over hang or don't cling properly. I left the mask on for about 30min (i forgot it lol). My skin felt lovely and hydrated, i massaged the rest of the serum in. In the morning when i woke my skin was glowing. Skin felt supple and soft in the following days.
Amazing product! Light to wear and easy to apply. I loved the packaging - so easy to use. Definitely will become part of my skin care routine. The mask didn’t feel too heavy... it was easy to keep on beyond 15 minutes. My skins felt fresh, rejuvenated and smooth after.