4 excellent dermatologists to follow on TikTok

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September 10 2020

In a refreshing turn of events, science is trending and medical professionals are slowly becoming the new influencers. 

TikTok may have started out as an app for miming songs on camera and creating dance clips, but as beauty tutorials and product demonstrations soon proved popular, so too did a professional opinion. Enter: dermatologists.

Yep, the skin care experts have now arrived on the app and we for one are loving the debunking of  ‘fake news’ these derms are providing.

Stopping skin care myths and the spread of misinformation one short video at a time, they’ve become a favourite part of our ‘for you page’ and we think you should know about them too. 

After all, you’d usually have to book an appointment for access to such quality tips. But for now, they’re just a short scroll away. Here’s some of the best dermatologists to follow on TikTok.

1. Dustin Portela @208skindoc 

With a particular interest in acne, dermatologist Duncan has almost one million TikTok followers, which he shares his knowledge with frequently. Revealing that, “sometimes TikTok beauty is a horror movie to me,” Dustin is all about skin education and often responds directly to his followers questions, providing information they may not have had access to otherwise.

2. Dr Joyce Park @teawithmd

Dr Joyce is a Stanford NYU trained derm and has taken over TikTok with fun, educational videos on complicated and confusing skin care ingredients, plus ways to treat hormonal-related skin congestion.

3. Dr Shah @dermdoctor 

Dr Shah quickly went viral after his controversial videos named and shamed some of the biggest brands in beauty. His ‘products to avoid’ video reached over one million views alone. 

He’s big on exposing the beauty industry for marketing scam tactics in a bid to create a safer online environment and boy, are we here for it.

4. Amina the Pharmacist @aminathepharmacist


Ok, so Amina isn’t a dermatologist per se, but she is a certified skin care pharmacist and self-proclaimed acne survivor with a wealth of knowledge. Leaving no skin care question unanswered, Amina’s TikTok profile has a video for every concern. From the low to high end products that receive her tick of approval to avoiding breakouts during Ramadan, she’s detailed and downright terrific. 

Main image credit: @teawithmd

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