Diamond aura nails are a girl’s best friend

The sparkly manicure trend to try

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 27 2023

We love a manicure trend, but we love it even more when nail trends meet, fall in love, and have cute nail trend babies. 

Remember the aura nail trend? Well, turns out it’s been involved in an illicit affair with shimmery glazed donut nail polish, and subsequently produced a sparkly love child that’s equal parts glitz, glam and grunge. 

Introducing the diamond aura nail trend.

Coined by Euphoria nail artist Natalie Minerva, the diamond aura manicure’s combination of glitter and chrome distinguish it from the matte and sheen aura nail styles we’ve become accustomed to. 

How to: a diamond aura manicure tutorial

Typically, aura nails are created using an airbrush technique making them a bit difficult to recreate at home. 

Diamond aura nails are actually quite an easy DIY manicure to try at home — just make sure the glitter or chrome nail polish you’re using is transparent. 

1/ Apply a base coat to nails, and allow to dry.

2/ Apply two coats of an opaque base colour, drying in between coats. 

3/ Apply a thin layer of glitter or chrome polish to the centre of the nail and gently blend and diffuse outwards. Alternatively, you can apply a glitter or chrome polish to the rim of the nail and blend inwards — it’s totally up to you!

4/ Apply a top coat, and allow it to dry.

Diamond aura manicure inspiration

Before we commit to a manicure colour scheme we like to do our research, and we assume you do too. 

That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of sharing some of our favourite diamond aura manicures to spark your imagination before you start painting.

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Main image credit: @ritaora

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