Sydney Sweeney is obsessed with this $20 ice roller

"I live by it"

February 07 2023

What do Sydney Sweeney and Margot Robbie have in common? Besides a penchant for switching between blonde and red hair, they both like a little ice in their beauty routines.

Sweeney, in particular, has been shouting from the rooftops about her love for the Esarora Ice Roller ($19.99 at Amazon AU). And yes, Euphoria fans, you may recognise it from a certain iconic scene; Sweeney supplied the props for the 4am routine herself.

"I have this ice roller that I got off of Amazon, that is the size of my face," she first told Glamour.  "Every day literally while I’m in my car heading to set, I’m just rolling my entire face with this ice roller. It helps immensely."

Almost a year on, the Laneige ambassador still names it as a key step in her skin care routine. "I live by it," she told Allure. "It just wakes me up, I feel like it makes my skin feel good and takes away any puffiness."

On the odd occasion she doesn't have the affordable tool within reach, the 24-year-old actress will dunk her face in a bowl of ice to really get the blood flowing. It's the very same cryotherapy trick Margot Robbie's makeup artist Pati Dubroff swears by.

In fact, Dubroff not only uses the method for her clients but as a pre-bedtime ritual herself. “I find I sleep better and deeper, [and it makes me] feel calm,” she explained.


Considering it would be a free experiment to conduct, we're certainly tempted to try an icy facial for ourselves. There are plenty of experts who swear by it for de-puffing and it can also help skin appear brighter and more awake by increasing blood flow.

And hey, if we like it, we may just follow in Sweeney's footsteps with a proper tool. We've heard great things about the Flawless Ice Roller ($29.99 at Priceline)... but we might wait for warmer weather first.

Main image credit: @sydney_sweeney

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