The beauty tricks and techniques Margot Robbie’s makeup artist Pati Dubroff swears by

Consider Robbie’s face her (literally) glowing reference

Digital Beauty Editor / June 19 2020

Dubroff’s guide to: sending puffiness packing

Taking to Instagram Stories to reveal her pre-sleep skin rituals, Dubroff revealed she actually plunges her face into a sink filled with ice right before bed – no, seriously. We know it sounds wild but she swears by it (as does Kate Moss so you know it’s legit).“I find I sleep better and deeper, [and it makes me] feel calm,” she explained.

While her P.M motto may be “plunge, relax, repeat”, she doesn’t mind a little extra cooling action around eyes in the A.M., either. Her hot (or rather, cold) tip? “To reduce the puffiness of morning eyes, place either a chilled spoon (from the freezer) on the eye area or soak cotton pads with milk and rest on the eye area,” she told Goop. We’ll be bookending our days with both - puffiness is a friend to no one.

Dubroff’s guide to: subtle-looking liner

She does colourful statements damn well (remember Robbie’s next-level neon yellow shadow?), but Dubroff’s signature aesthetic often centres around understated eyeliner, and luckily for us she has a tried-and-true technique up her sleeve to ensure she always hits the ‘done but undone’ brief out of the park.

"Apply your liner very close to the lashline [to keep it barely visible and very natural], winging it out a little bit to elongate the eye," she advised via Instagram. "[The key is to not] go into the inner corner of the eye. I line the outer half of the upper lashline with a crayon kohl pencil, then blend with an eyeliner brush.” Eye-opening but not OTT.

Dubroff’s guide to: flawless, natural foundation

Dubroff understands the struggle of wanting foundation to look flawless but not being too keen on taking the vibe into ‘pageant queen’ territory well - in fact, she has a trick for mastering a natural albeit perfect foundation finish.

"All women want to have flawless-looking skin without wearing a mask of foundation or heavy powders,” she confirmed to Refinery29. “This is probably the biggest challenge: how to get coverage without a lot of product.”

“I use mattifying primers through the centre of face to reduce the need for powdering, as well as for filling and blurring pores and fine lines. I often use two shades of foundation applied slowly with a brush; the lighter shade through the centre and the slightly deeper on the perimeter of face to achieve brightness and contour. I work the foundation in slowly and will use a sponge to sheer it out even more. Loose powder is used in moderation — only through your T-zone and if you are under the glare of cameras." Do ring lights and selfie cams count?

Dubroff’s guide to: prepping bridal skin

When the foundation finish is on the sheerer side, however, (a popular bridal aesthetic), success boils down to skin prep. “Hopefully a bride has been spending time making sure her skin is in the best possible condition,” Dubroff confirmed to The Knot. "An oxygen facial prior to the wedding day, or even a light moisture mask in the morning, will help hydrate skin,” she explained.

“If you're going to do a heavy, dense moisture mask, use it the night before you get your makeup done. Not using too much moisturiser is key, and when you are applying moisturiser it should be really strategic - keep it more on the perimeter of the face, and keep the centre of the face clean so your primer can go there. The goal with bridal makeup is to make the centre of the face matter and add a more radiant, paler luminosity on the high facial bones." Honestly, we're about to propose to this primer trick; it seems to be the key to just about everything. 

Dubroff’s guide to: making lipstick last

Few things are more soul-crushing than perfecting a power pout only to watch it fade away within the hour, but Dubroff definitely has a few thoughts on how to stop your lippy from doing a disappearing act.

“Prepping with a light balm is important but needs to be done in advance,” she explained to Vogue. “[Once the balm has absorbed], apply a base coat of colour straight from the tube to the centre of the lip and press lightly with your finger to distribute over the whole area.”

As for the final touches? Add another layer, blot with a tissue, then repeat the process to ensure the lip colour is locked in. To finish, seal the shade with a light dusting of loose translucent powder applied with a small shadow brush, and voila, that lippie is in it for the long haul.

Main image credit: @patidubroff

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