DIY tips for a sandal-friendly spring pedi

DIY Tips For A Perfect Spring Pedicure

Bring on the open-toe shoes

New Idea Beauty Editor WHO and New Idea / October 18 2017

No need to head in for a treatment, just brush up on these expert tips to give yourself a salon-worthy overhaul. “At-home pedis are a great pamper session to give you a relaxation and beauty session all in one,” says Sally Hansen nail expert, Alison Bowhill-Hayes. Here she shares her best advice for mastering an at-home pedicure.

#1 / Make sure you put the prep work in

Wash, trim, file, buff and paint. And like a good makeup job, always prime and set. Base coat and top coat are two steps you should never skip. Pedi prep products we love: Essie First Base Base Coat; Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat; Sally Hansen No More Ridges.

Essie First Base Base Coat

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat

Sally Hansen No More Ridges

#2 / Set time aside, so you don’t rush the pedicure

Do not do it before going to bed or when you’re ready to leave home. All nail polishes dry slightly differently – gel formulas take the longest. I follow this guide: touch dry is usually 5-10 minutes, but set time is 30-40 minutes.

#3 / Apply your polish in thin layers

Try not to apply coats too thick and make sure polishes and bases are in good condition. Any signs of glugginess then they need to be replaced.

On-trend nail colours: “Teal and blue are straight off the runways in New York for this season,” says nail expert Alison Bowhill-Hayes.

#4 / Be fussy with your footwear

Don’t wear shoes that are squashie, too small or too tight.

#5 / Always trim the toenails straight across

You can buy clippers that have a straight blade. If you don’t have them, then avoid rounding off the nail, this way you’ll also avoid in-growns.

#6 / Don’t over-trim your nail

A warning! Don’t
 cut your nails too short as they can become sensitive and easily get infected. The number one mistake that most people make with toenails is cutting the white edge off. Toenails grow at half the speed of fingernails and they are very sensitive, so 
leave the free edge (white bit) and smooth it off with a
 buffer horizontally.


Now for your mani: These are the nail colours you'll be wearing this spring/summer 2017.

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