'Gemini liner' is the 'Euphoria'-inspired trend that's twice as good as a classic cat eye

And no, you don't need to be a Gemini to try it

Digital Beauty Editor / March 24 2022

Okay, we know Euphoria-inspired makeup is everywhere RN (with a beauty range designed by the show's team on the way too), but hear us out: this one's not about glitter or even (as the second season favoured) 'tiny rhinies' (AKA rhinestones) as eyeliner.

In fact, the newest must-have makeup aesthetic to emerge from Euphoria-land is a charcoal cat eye. Wondering how on earth that's a fresh trend? Well, here's the kicker; there's not just one wing, there are two.

Yep, the latest liner look on the block is all about ensuring your upper lashline doesn't have all the feline flick fun. Meet 'Gemini liner' (which yes, is of course named for its dual 'twin' nature), which features two wings that exist together (one stemming from the top lashline and one from the bottom) in chic harmony.

So how did said trend get its legs? Euphoria's favourite frenemy duo; Cassie and Maddy, of course. Double wings were used during the show's second season to showcase the different ways the two characters would wear one look, with Maddy showcasing a razor sharp statement cat eye combo and Cassie opting for something softer and more smudged out.



The 'Gemini liner' look has since taken social media by storm, with actress Claudia Sulewski, mega-influencer Olivia Ponton and (fittingly) Euphoria star Hunter Schafer all embracing the aesthetic IRL. It's simple to see why, too; it's the perfect way to dip your toe into the graphic liner pool without having to go OTT with colours or shapes.

As for the wing style you opt for, let your eye shape lead you in the right direction. For example, Sulewski opted for straighter wings with just a slither of space between them whilst Ponton flicked hers up toward the tail of her brow and allowed a bigger gap between the two. Schafer even took things a step further, taking the top wing 'up' and the bottom wing slightly 'down', while also swapping stark black for softer brown.




And here's the best bit: all you need to nail the look is a black (or brown) liner. And who doesn't own one (or a zillion) of those? If you're looking to snap up a newbie, however, here are our favourite liquid liner formulas; you're bound to find a worthy cat eye contender.

Main image credit: @claudiasulewski

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