Rhinestone fans rejoice, the 'Euphoria' makeup line has landed online

And yes, it ships to Australia

Digital Beauty Editor / May 19 2022

The rate at which public figures (we see you, celebs) have been dropping beauty brands as of late has gotten a little, er, ridiculous.

If you ask us, here’s the bottom line: if you don’t naturally have a major influence over any of the skin/hair/makeup arenas, then you simply do not need to launch a skin/hair/makeup line. For example, Harry Styles’ nails were already one of the world’s major obsessions, and so yes, a nail polish/sticker/care brand made actual sense. Some others, however, tend to arrive on the scene without a real demand for them.

But if we’re talking demand and influence over the beauty world, there’s no bigger player than the magical makeup-centric world of Euphoria. Since sparking the need for glitter tears with its first episode back in 2019, the HBO hit has established itself as far more than a show that incorporates makeup trends. Put simply, Euphoria is the makeup trend.

Euphoria makeup’ emerged as a breakout star all of its own (impressive work when your cast already includes both A-listers like Zendaya and brand-new-but-immediately-iconic stars like Hunter Schafer). And so aside from "how do we get our wings as sharp as Maddy’s?", “when are you launching a makeup brand?” has no doubt been one of the biggest questions Euphoria’s makeup designer Doniella Davy has been hit with ever since.

Well, it seems she’s ready to answer both: a beauty line inspired by the show’s unparalleled aesthetic has in fact arrived.




“I can’t believe I’m finally able to share this, and that this is actually real!! For the past two years and while filming Season 2, I’ve been secretly working on creating the makeup line of my literal DREAMS," Davy shared in an Instagram caption. "I couldn’t be more completely over the moon thrilled out of my mind to introduce H A L F ✨ M A G I C, and invite you to please follow @halfmagicbeauty because it’s all for YOU.”

"Half Magic grew out of the global beauty cultural phenomenon created by Euphoria fans around the world," added Michelle Liu, the brand's general manager. "Creators behind the show (including Sam and Ashley Levinson, Kevin Turen, and A24) came together with Donni to continue evolving the conversation around self-exploration and self-expression. Providing fans with a brand and products to support that was a natural next step."




Um, AMAZING. So what's the brand all about? Not only does the tagline read “Wear your heart on your face” (an idea the show definitely embraces), but it of course offers all the products you need to create the look that has become synonymous with the Euphoria world. “Space cowboy or glitter queen? Belle of the ball or neon boy next door? Bold or bolder? Follow your creativity down the rabbit hole and shape-shift into today’s version of you with HALF MAGIC," the website reads.

Bold colours and glitter makeup aren't all it offers, either. Available to shop at halfmagicbeauty.com (and yes, shipping to Australia, hallelujah), the line plays to both the “fantastical and functional”, with universal neutrals and statement brights being incorporated. Think iridescent rainbow highlighter (one of the show’s staples), coffee-coloured Maddy-esque lip kits (thank heavens), and endless rhinestones (duh, it’s Euphoria). Fittingly, some of our faves are the Half Magic Light Trap Face Highlighter ($28.57 at Half Magic), the Half Magic LipTrik Kit ($37.13 at Half Magic), and the Half Magic Face Gems ($17.14 at Half Magic).

Half Magic Light Trap Face Highlighter

Half Magic LipTrik Kit

Half Magic Face Gems

Allure also revealed that Davy used the brand to create some of Season 2’s Episode 7 and 8 makeup looks, so we’ll even be able to recreate exact aesthetics with exact products. Basically, our Euphoria makeup obsessions are about to be fed and fed well…

Main image credit: @donni.davy

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