The ultra-hydrating ampoule set that plumps and firms skin

Here’s what our Review Crew® had to say about this anti-ageing essence

BeautyCrew Beauty Editor / October 28 2019

The product

When skin is dehydrated, it can appear dull and any fine lines and wrinkles that you might have can look more pronounced.

The hydrating Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Essence ampoule set is jam-packed with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, as well as Munapsys™, an advanced peptide and topical alternative to anti-wrinkle injections that works to firm and plump fine lines.

Our panel of Review Crew® members put the ampoules to the test.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Essence to a panel of reviewers aged between 32 and 37 who suffer from a lack of hydration and moisture and are looking to reduce the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Essence.

How plump and hydrated their skin felt after application: Reviewers were impressed by the fast-acting formula, with many saying they noticed an immediate improvement in the plumpness and overall hydration of their skin.

The improvement in their skin tone and texture: Reviewers noticed their pigmentation faded over time with regular use of the ampoules. They also saw a reduction in overall skin texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The travel-friendly packaging: Review Crew® members loved how convenient and bag-friendly the small ampoules were to travel with.

The verdict

“It feels ultra-hydrating, and it replenishes the complexion and improves the look of skin tone and texture. My fine lines have softened, but the biggest improvement has been the plumping effect. I'm applying less foundation because my skin is looking healthy and vibrant.”
REVIEWcrew® Member
“It didn't make my skin feel tight or greasy, it was just perfect. It took just over a week, but I started to notice a difference to the small lines around my eyes. They weren't as obvious. My complexion also improved significantly as well. It looked plump and hydrated. It also made my skin lovely and soft.”
REVIEWcrew® Member
“Immediately after application, I noticed my skin was very plump and hydrated, and that is most likely due to the hyaluronic acid. My skin felt really nice and smooth and my complexion was glowing. As for lines and wrinkles… my lines were minimised due to the increase in hydration.”
REVIEWcrew Member

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*This average star rating is based on 47 reviews and is correct as of 29/10/2019

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