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Drew Barrymore beauty interview

Our exclusive chat with the actress and beauty mogul

Beauty Crew Editor / January 29 2019

If you claim you don’t have a Drew Barrymore movie you’ll happily watch again and again, you’re probably lying. With a successful acting career that’s spanned over 40 years and includes cult classics E.T The Extra-Terrestrial, The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed, Charlie’s Angels, and more recently, Netflix’s Santa Clara Diet, it’s safe to say her face makes a regular appearance on TVs around the world. But besides acting, Drew has another passion (actually, it’s a borderline obsession): beauty! In addition to her regular divulgence of beauty hacks and go-to skin care products on her Instagram, Drew has her very own beauty brand: Flower Beauty

The brand is focussed on giving women the tools to feel beautiful and empowered, and to embrace their individuality…all at a very affordable price point. Flower Beauty first launched in the US back in 2013, and just a few weeks ago it landed in Chemist Warehouse stores nationally here in Australia. 

To mark the occasion, we caught up exclusively with the actress and beauty mogul and grilled her on the brand, her reputation for doing her makeup on-the-go, and the Flower Beauty products she thinks Australian women will love. 

Was there a specific moment that made you realise you needed to create Flower Beauty?
“The stars really aligned perfectly. I was just finishing my contract at COVERGIRL where I was also co-creative director of my own campaign [when] simultaneously the biggest mass retailer in the US was wanting to bring in an exclusive beauty brand that truly delivered a prestige experience at a mass price. So I teamed up with our manufacturing partner Maesa and got to work!” 

What has been your favourite product to work on?
“I love everything we do; I think the more innovative we get the more complex things get. Everything is a puzzle. For mascara, as an example, you have your formulation, the actual liquid, then you have to match it with the perfect brush. If your claim is ‘lengthening’, you may have the perfect formulation for that, but if you don’t find the right brush it won’t work. So you’re in this back and forth of adjusting the brush or the formulation. And then you need to decide how much to crimp the wiper, which determines how much formula is left on the brush; it all has to work in perfect harmony.” 

You’ve been known to apply your makeup while on the subway. What’s the most impressive makeup look you’ve been able to do on-the-go?
“That’s a great question! I’ve been doing my makeup on-the-go for what seems my whole life. I have had to do it on airplanes or in a van from the airport to an event, cabs, subways. For me, I’m just trying to maximise my time at home I think. I’d rather have that extra 20 minutes with my girls and then try and do my makeup in the back of a cab.

You’ve been in the industry for a long time, so you’ve probably picked up a lot of beauty tricks. What have you learnt along the way to (quickly) fake eight hours of solid sleep?
“Yeah, that’s a very common problem. Life is so hectic for people and there’s just not enough time in the day so we cheat ourselves in the sleep department. I’m always worried when I’m looking tired that a full face of makeup will make me look even more tired, so I tend to go light: some concealer under the eyes, a very light liquid foundation like our Light Illusion Foundation, and a light pink lip and cheek.” 

Which Flower Beauty product do you think Australian women will be particularly excited about?
“I just mentioned our Light Illusion liquid foundation and it truly is a game-changer. I’ve never tried anything like it. The way it works with the skin is incredible, and it’s light but has this perfect coverage.”

Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

If we were to look in your makeup bag right now, which Flower Beauty products would we find in there?
“Our [Lash] Warrior Mascara, it’s my favourite.”

Flower Beauty Lash Warrior Mascara

You’ve experimented with probably every beauty look imaginable. If you could wear one of them all over again, which one would it be?
“Oh wow, that’s so tough. I’ve worked with so many amazing makeup artists, either on films or photo shoots. I do have to say that the looks we created for the Charlie’s Angels movies were incredible and so much fun, I’d love to recreate some of those.”

What’s next for Flower Beauty and the range?
“Just to continue to push ourselves with products and innovations and keep bringing incredible things to everyone.”

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