Meet the tech tool that Dua Lipa says helps banish her breakouts

"I see a difference in my skin"

Digital Beauty Editor / March 11 2022

If you ask us, Dua Lipa's skin is somewhat otherworldly. It never seems to look anything less than flawless, and so we often find ourselves wondering what skin care tricks she keeps up her sleeve.

Like, get a load of this skin texture?! It's both real (refreshing) and yet really quite amazing.


Luckily, Lipa recently shared the identity of the very tool she uses to keep blemishes under control; hallelujah, huh?

"The best gift I've received recently is an infrared face light from my mum," she told the Financial Times. "Before bed, I lie down, and I pretty much sleep under it."

She meant what she said about it being 'the best', too, going on to give both the way it feels and works rave reviews: "It has this really relaxing, warming feeling, and I see a difference in my skin: I don’t break out as much," Lipa shared. This definitely checks out, considering that LED light therapy (specifically of the red and blue light varieties) can indeed help to heal the skin while also helping to prevent further outbreaks.

And considering the star is currently touring her (incredible) "Future Nostalgia" album, it's lucky that it's a travel-friendly tool. "You can fold it into your suitcase and take it with you, which is handy because I'm always travelling," she explained.

While Lipa didn't reveal the exact infrared option she relies on, the Financial Times alluded to the fact that it hails from luxe brand Celluma Light Therapy. Their best-seller does happen to be a battery-operated portable LED mask, AKA the Celluma iPro (pricing available upon request at Celluma Light Therapy), so the chances of that being Lipa's mask of choice are pretty damn good.

Celluma iPro

But hey, just in case you're not an international pop star, take solace in the fact that there are affordable alternatives out there too.

In fact, you can check out our round-up of the top LED masks to shop right here.

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