Dua Lipa never leaves home without *this* makeup item

"I can’t live without it"

Digital Beauty Editor / February 28 2022

She may be an experimental beauty icon for the new age, but when it comes to lipstick, Dua Lipa is a ‘one shade only’ type of girl.

Yes indeed, despite being the reigning queen of bright hair colours, a sampler of every eyeshadow shade under the sun, and the very woman who reinvented statement-making chrome-finish claws, the palette that Lipa pulls her pout-painting colours from is a limited one.

“Every single type of lipstick that you will find in my house, in my makeup bag, wherever, is just different shades of brown,” she shared via a chat with the Financial Times.


The obsession runs pretty deep, too; Lipa actually always has a lippy (of the brown variety, of course) on her. “I never leave the house without my brown lipstick,” she added. “I just feel like brown lippy represents me – I don’t know why. I can’t live without it!”

There’s actually a pretty solid reason why, though: “I feel like it brings out my features,” she went on to explain. “When I can’t really be bothered with makeup, all I need is face cream and brown lippy and I leave the house." Pared back but polished; we like it!

So does Lipa have any favourite formulas? Yep! “I’ve used all sorts, but there’s currently a brown lip gloss [in the shade] Affair from Lisa Eldridge, my makeup artist in London, that I love,” she noted.

There’s no need to worry that said gloss is only available in London, though; the Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss in Affair ($33.49 at Lisa Eldridge) does in fact ship to Australia. Just like Lipa, we’ll be storing a tube in our purses from here on out…

the Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss in Affair

Main image credit: @dualipa

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