3 easy makeup tricks every woman needs to know

They’re a cinch to master

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

Having an impressive collection of makeup products is one thing, but it’s certainly another to know how to use them correctly, or most effectively for your face. We spoke with Jenny Fitzpatrick, Global Education Manager of Too Faced, who shared with us three easy tricks to raise the game on your everyday routine.

Makeup woe: Eyeshadow won’t stay put

Easy fix: There’s nothing worse than spending time and effort putting together a smoky eye look, for the colours to crease on your eyelids in an hour’s time. Fitzgerald tells us her best solution: “Take some eyeshadow primer and put it on the back of your hand and then oversaturate your brush with shadow pigment. Swirl the brush into the primer, and there you have it, a cream shadow that will stay on for longer”.

Makeup woe: Blush applied to the wrong place

Easy fix: Confused about where to place your blush? Here’s a simple trick to remember. First, “smile, and work the brush in an X-formation from the top of your ear and along your cheekbone, then drag the brush diagonally from the apple of your cheek to the lobe of your ear,” says Fitzgerald. “Finish by blending it into your face in an O shape.” Xs and Os? Seems easy enough!

Makeup woe: Dark under-eye circles

Easy fix: If you’ve stayed up late, binge-watching episodes of reality TV, you can cover your tracks with this trick. “Create two upside down triangles under your eyes (with the base of the triangle as close to the lashline as possible), then blend it in with your ring fingers. It’s great at brightening the area, and is much faster and effective than using dots.”

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