Easy ways to up your eye makeup game

An expert makeup artist shares her best advice

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

To some, eye makeup can be done in a cinch (we applaud those who can do it in a moving vehicle). But for others, it’s tricky territory as there are so many products to become familiar with, and each one is so versatile. To help you out, we asked Liz Kelsh, Head Makeup Artist for Max Factor Australia, for her best tips and tricks to really take your eye makeup game to the next level.

If you usually wear: Mascara

Mascara is one thing we can’t leave the house without, as darkened lashes can dramatically define and create the look of big eyes in an instant. But according to Kelsh we’re missing one vital step: “Curling your lashes can make you look instantly more wide-eyed, and a good quality lash curler makes all the difference. Do this before mascara to avoid your lashes sticking to your lash curler.”

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TOP TIP: Change your mascara every three months or when the mascara starts to thicken - whichever occurs first.

If you usually wear: Winged eyeliner

We know it’s tricky to get winged eyeliner looking perfect; you have to take into account how far you’re extending the line, how high to make the tip, and how thick to draw it. “Don’t feel like you have to get your liquid liner perfect in one swoop,” says Kelsh. “Try marking your line first with shadow or a pencil liner then enhancing it with liquid liner.”

If you usually wear: Shimmery eyeshadow

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle to make your eyes light up? But Kelsh warns: “As you get older, it’s better to opt for a more metallic finish rather than a sparkly shimmer shadow. The gleam of a metallic shade will soften fine lines whereas the glitter particles will highlight them.”

If you have oily eyelids, prevent your eyeshadow from travelling by using a cream eyeshadow, like Max Factor Excess Shimmer Shadows, which sets once applied. These guys stay on and in place all day.
Liz Kelsh
Max Factor Australia
Head Makeup Artist

If you usually wear: Black eye pencils

Eyeliners in pencil or kohl form can be the perfect anchor to a more sultry look, but this next trick could change the way you use the makeup product. “Black liner can look great both on your lash line and waterline, however if used on the waterline it’s a good idea to smoke it out with some shadow because when used alone, it can make your eyes look smaller.”

If you usually wear: Coloured eyeliner

There are no firm rules in beauty - do as you like. And Kelsh agrees with us: “Coloured liner is great at any age; while vivid colours make a statement on younger faces, navy blues can look great on mature eyes.”

If you usually wear: A smoky eye

There really is a smoky eye combination for every time of the day, mood and occasion. If you find this look tricky to achieve, here’s how to master it. “Smoky eyes aren't as tricky as you may think. For a super quick smoky eye, apply bronze shadow to the lid as far as the crease and to the lower lash line. Next, add brown liner to both the upper and lower waterline. Then, squeeze your eyes closed and open a few times, this gives the liner a lived-in look,” explains Kelsh.

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