"I tried the number one selling serum in Australia for the first time and here’s what happened"

Is it really worth the hype?

September 07 2020

During my seven years as a beauty editor, I’ve never seen a serum as highly recommended and beloved as Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex.

It is, after all, the number one selling serum in Australia (and sells 22 bottles per minute around the world!), but up until a few weeks ago, I had never tried it.

A travesty I know, but as my days are often filled with trialling what’s new and unheard of (so I can tell you all about it) I’ve never had the pleasure of trying the cult-favourite that’s been providing glowing skin results since 1982.

But now with 38 years of research behind it, the iconic brown bottle has been recently reformulated with new breakthrough technology that accelerates the time needed to repair skin, increase firmness, boost and maintain hydration, and fight pollution. Phew, it’s no small achiever, that’s for sure.

And so for the past three weeks I’ve been using the new Advanced Night Repair every day to see whether it lives up to the hype and here’s what I discovered…

It’s not just for night time

I had no idea this serum could be used in the morning too, but it can! Advanced Night Repair (despite what the name suggests) is actually a multi-use serum designed to repair skin by night, but also, protect it during the day. The antioxidant protection (8 hours to be exact) provides all-day defence against environmental assaults – think pollution, ozone, blue light, infrared and micro dust – all which contribute to skin ageing., Plus, it contains hyaluronic acid which really helps to plump my skin for smoother makeup application. I had no trouble slotting it into both my morning and evening routines; it plays well with other products and the rich, comforting texture soaks into the skin without pilling or leaving any greasy residue. In fact, you can even mix it in with your foundation. I did this multiple times and loved the sheered-out no-makeup makeup look it gave. It made my skin look so fresh and dewy, all while protecting it too.

The overnight results are real

There aren’t many products out there that provide instantaneous results, but I can actually say that with Advanced Night Repair, I noticed a difference upon waking (it was an instant ‘wow this is what everyone’s talking about’ moment). For me, I usually wait a minimum of two weeks before passing judgement on a product, but my complexion was already so happy and hydrated, I knew the outcome was going to be good. Fast forward three weeks and the radiance just kept on coming. The best part though, was that my crow’s feet were less dominating and the lines had certainly softened.


Its ingredients and technology are no joke

After seeing such great results so early, I decided to figure out why and discovered that the amount of work that’s gone into this formula is actually incredible. For the past seven years, the Estée Lauder scientists researched molecules found in skin cells and discovered one that basically helps skin renew itself faster. It not only boosts skin repair but also increases the skin’s natural collagen production. And for those who know anything about skin collagen, you’ll know it’s damn hard to get going once it begins to diminish. It’s a pretty mega breakthrough.

The luxe factor

Performance aside, for those particular about sight and smell, these elements of Advanced Night Repair are as luxe as its reputation. The packaging has been upgraded and the new recyclable glass bottle is sleek and premium and the generous dropper is as functional as they come. The smell I would describe as a subtle, zesty and medicinal scent. It’s not overpowering and lingers only until absorbed. For the diehard fans, the texture remains as glorious as you’ve come to know it and provides instant comfort and hydration as soon as it hits the skin. That’s the thing about these improvements to a cult-favourite, all the benefits and features are the same, only now they’re just better. It’s no wonder so many people, with many different skin types, love it.

Main image credit: Bauer Media

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