If you already love vitamin C serum, you need to try these brightening partners in crime

Post-summer skin saviours

Editor / February 24 2022

When it comes to my favourite skin care ingredients, vitamin C definitely sits at the top. And while I typically get my daily dose from a serum, I was keen to see what would happen if I added even more of it to my routine.

I had previously tried (and liked) Olay’s Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum, so with newbies Olay’s Niacinamide + Vitamin C Moisturiser and Eye Cream fresh on the scene, they joined my routine for the last legs of summer.

Like most, my pigmentation usually becomes more prominent at this time of year. Plus, with all the extra festivities (and wine), I needed extra defence from dullness too. Really, the timing couldn’t have been better to put them to the test…

The product details

As you may have noticed from the product name, vitamin C isn’t the only superstar ingredient found in these two products.

After Olay’s scientists tested over 100 formulations, it was the power combination of stable vitamin C (ethyl absorbic acid), low-pH niacinamide and peptides that were found to strike the right balance of potency and stability. Together, they work to brighten skin, visibly even skin tone and correct discolouration.

The moisturising cream also contains lactic acid, an AHA known for its gentle effectiveness at exfoliating and improving texture. For the best results, it’s recommended to apply both products day and night daily, followed by an SPF 50 during the day.

Olay’Niacinamide + Vitamin C Moisturiser

Olay’s Niacinamide + Vitamin C Eye Cream

Olay vitamin C review

The very first thing that grasped me when trying these products? The smell. And thankfully, it was in a good way.

The Olay vitamin c cream hit me with a zesty tropical burst that, in my opinion, is delightful. The eye cream, on the other hand, is fragrance-free. I tend to experience bouts of dermatitis on my eyelids, so while I’d say I’m a huge fan of the moisturiser’s scent, I was pleased it was left out of the eye cream.

The products glided seamlessly into my summer routine and skin, absorbing fast and sitting well under makeup. I’d describe the moisturiser as a gel-cream texture, while the eye cream leans further towards the gel side. The moisturiser actually had quite a satin finish on my combination skin once dried down, but some juiciness was always brought back in the morning when paired with an SPF 50.

The most instant difference I saw in terms of results was with the moisturiser in the morning. It would leave a luminosity after application, and began to gradually even out my skin tone and leave my face looking bright. My skin always used to look so dull and lacklustre in the A.M., so this is when I noticed the effects the most. If you're looking for a good vitamin c cream in Australia, I'd definitely put this one on your 'must-try' list.

I can’t say I noticed as much with the eye cream, but I (luckily) don’t have much darkness in this area (yet). It was pleasant to use regardless and didn’t cause any irritation to my sensitive eyes.

The final verdict

I’m surprised to say that after a sun-drenched three weeks, my skin is looking brighter and more even than it usually is in the summer. I often get a pigmentation moustache that looks like I’ve been chugging choccy milk, but it’s been nowhere to be seen.

I have experienced similar results with vitamin C serums in the past, but I found the visible improvements came faster by having the one-two punch of the moisturiser in my routine as well. It was definitely my favourite of the two.

Although I’ve never experienced irritation from vitamin C in the past, I was certainly worried adding so much to my routine might be overkill. But thankfully, my skin had no problems.


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