The beauty advice Elyse Knowles would give to her 15-year-old self

elyse knowles beauty interview

And what she’d put in her cart if she was let loose in Myer’s beauty department

Editor / September 18 2019

It would take but a mere glance at Aussie model and blonde bombshell Elyse Knowles to confirm she is unequivocally a gorgeous human (with a toned physique to match). And in just a few minutes of meeting and chatting with her, it turns out the beauty doesn’t just run skin deep. A fierce environmental and sustainability activist and a staunch supporter of clean beauty, it’s clear to us that Elyse is a woman on a mission – not only to do her bit to save this planet we call home, but to share and educate her fans and followers. 

We sat down with the Myer and Aveda ambassador to celebrate the launch of Myer’s new Beauty Emporium (basically your one-stop-shop for beauty) to chat about her favourite clean and natural beauty brands, what she’d snap up if we let her loose in the Myer Beauty Emporium, and the advice she’d give to her 15-year-old self. 

If we were to let you loose in the Myer Beauty Emporium, what five products are you gunning for?
 “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Ere Perez brand. Their ingredients are beautifully simplistic in that they are natural. On my skin they feel nourishing, luxurious and calming, so I’m thrilled the range is now available at Myer Emporium. The Arnica Concealer is an example of a product I’m now using. Arnica has brilliant anti-inflammatory properties, which helps calm areas (such as under your eyes) when they feel as if they’re working in overdrive. 

In terms of another four… there is nothing better that lying on the couch with music playing, a Palm Beach Collection candle burning and Sand & Sky Face Mask on. This combination takes your mind to a relaxing place in a matter of seconds. The Tonik capsules are an efficient way to load up on omegas, proteins and antioxidants - especially when I’m on the run. And lastly, at the end of the day there is nothing my skin loves more than to be clean! I’ve been using the Face Halo Pro to give my pores a thorough clean before letting my skin rest and restore.” 

What have been some of your favourite beauty discoveries over the years?
 “Less is more! An SPF for your face and body, a tinted moisturiser, a cleanser that is suited to your skin type, and a nourishing lip balm is sometimes all you need. I love getting all done up for shoots and events – don’t get me wrong – however discovering beauty and skin care products that allow me to feel soft and natural has been really lovely. It can be empowering to simplify elements of your life.”

Blonde hair isn’t always easy to keep looking fresh and healthy. What products do you use to keep the colour and health of your hair looking so good?
 “Correct, blonde hair is not easy to maintain! It can be so easily damaged by products on shoots, styling tools and a heap of flying. Aveda - in particular the Damage Remedy range - is my hair’s very own hero. A nutrient-rich, natural and eco-friendly range, the products fuel my hair with moisture, strength and shine. Aveda doesn’t weigh my hair down either, which I love, as I prefer when my hair has a soft, beachy wave.” 

What would we find in your handbag right now?
 “You’ll find products that harness nature’s goodies! Aesop Parfum (I go for the Marrakech Intense) is a beautiful fragrance. It’s made with sandalwood and clove, meaning it’s not overly sweet or girly. For my skin, again I have to give a shout-out to Ere Perez. The Morninga All-Beauty Cream is a new product I’m using after long work or travel days. It’s incredibly moisturising yet leaves no oily or shiny residue. You can feel it calming and toning your skin as soon as it goes on as it’s made with antioxidants and amino acids. Their Cheek & Lip Tints are also beautiful. They’re natural, easy-to-wear tones, so they’re great to keep in your bag for last minute meetings or social plans.” 

You’re all about clean beauty - what are some of your favourite brands and products?
 “Ere Perez, Nude by Nature and Inika are all great brands for those who are looking for natural or mineral alternatives. They offer a gentle-yet-powerful range of skin care and beauty products, designed to work with the natural structure and condition of your skin.” 

What’s one beauty habit you wish you had started sooner?
 “My skin can be problematic at times, which means I have to not only focus on what I put onto my skin, but also what I put into my body. We’re so lucky these days to have such an incredible range of innovative brands, products and treatments within reach that quite literally help to renew and regenerate healthy skin cell growth. So, as these wonderful products help to heal my skin, my focus is now on a nutrient-rich diet. 

Being a natural sweet tooth, this is no easy feat! I’ve really had to focus on eating foods that are packed with antioxidants and omegas - and stay away from sugars. The habit I wish I picked up sooner (and it’s still not a habit that comes naturally!) is to avoid temptations when it comes to choccy and lollies! It’s amazing how quickly these types of foods can irritate my skin - and the cure is never overnight!” 

What beauty advice would you love to give to your 15-year-old self?
1. “Never play with your eyebrows! The thicker and crazier they are, the better! Leave those bad boys alone!
2. Wear SPF on your face every single day. Rain, hail or shine!
3. Always brush your teeth! Nothing says good health like a happy smile.
4. Thoroughly remove your makeup before bed. Cleanse and moisturise to make sure you’re replenishing your skin with moisture and antioxidants. And find a good exfoliator that doesn’t strip your skin raw of its natural oils.” 

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