Emma Roberts refuses to do her makeup without a toothbrush

Dental supplies = fluffy brows?

Editor / January 30 2023

We're not strangers to out-of-the-box beauty hacks here at BEAUTYcrew. We've heard it all, from Natalia Dyer's creative use for potatoes to that time Suki Waterhouse told a hilarious lie about washing her hair with soft drink.

Some are genius, some are foolish, and some (like Waterhouse's fib) are just downright laughable. One that has us completely hooked, however, is Emma Roberts' new confession: she won't do her makeup without a toothbrush. Here's what she means...

Emma Roberts' toothbrush eyebrow hack

Does your makeup kit include a toothbrush? No, ours either. Until now, that is. We're definitely going to be adding a bristled bad-boy to our kits based on Roberts' recent gem of brow-brushing wisdom.

“I’m obsessed with my brows,” she admitted in a Vogue video before sharing her go-to method. “I love to brush my brows. Iconic London makes this brow wax, and guys, it comes with a gold toothbrush. My eyebrows have their own toothbrush” Fancy!

“I like this application with the toothbrush and the wax because it doesn’t flake off, it doesn’t look wet, it just gives them that little brush," she explained, noting that she doesn't like to mess with her brows too much these days after an overzealous waxing schedule left her arches a little bare back in the day.

"I used to wax them obsessively, like my driver’s licence photo when I was 17, I literally have two eyebrow arches, like it’s crazy," she shared. "So [now] I just let them grow, I wax them maybe every few months, and then I just tweeze [between waxes], and I kind of just let the girls be themselves.”

Where to buy Emma Roberts' 'eyebrow toothbrush'

As Roberts mentioned, your eyebrows having their own gold anything is pretty damn luxurious! And it is. But the product is actually surprisingly affordable. Roberts' kit of choice is none other than the Brow Silk ($43 at Iconic London), a combo featuring a travel-friendly compact filled with silky brow wax, plus, of course, the now-famed toothbrush itself.

Roberts knew her stuff when describing the formula and finish, too. It's designed to simply create a clear film over your arches, gripping every single hair, adding fullness and setting them for the day, without leaving behind any chalky residue or crunchiness.

Iconic London Brow Silk

So why not do your brows a solid, and treat them to a toothbrush all their own? Not only will it make brow styling a breeze, but it'll also inject a little luxury into your everyday routine, and who wouldn't want that?!

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