Emma Stone wore this stunning New York Fashion Week hair trend IRL

Emma Stone flower hair accessories

And she totally nailed it

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 03 2018

If there’s anything we love more than witnessing all of the glorious hair and makeup looks from the fashion week runways, it’s when the trends are actually wearable IRL.

Exhibit A: Emma Stone pretty much replicating the Rodarte Spring 2019 hairstyle seen at New York Fashion Week. Emma’s look was created by celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak for the film premiere of The Favourite. Roszak entwined a series of fresh roses through Emma’s strawberry locks for a whimsical and ultra-pretty look.

And this was the Rodarte’s runway look for comparison:

Pretty darn close, huh?

While we can admit that Rodarte’s super dramatic crowns may not be your everyday go-to look, Emma Stone’s subtle version is totally wearable and it’s seriously giving us major inspo for those upcoming events in our calendar (think races/wedding/just wanting to look like a walking fairytale).

If you want to steal the look, Kmart's 2 pack of Hair Roses in Blush will do the trick nicely (although you may need more than one pack to copy Emma's look). If flowers just ain't your thing, you can show off the same whimsical vibe with some cute hair clips like Summer Blossom's Hazel Bobby Pin Set of 6.

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What do you think of Emma’s hairstyle? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Inset image credit: @mararoszak; Getty

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